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Jan 12, 2019

Montgomery Rookies vs Fort Carson Cowboys!

By: Danny Josh, Head Reporter

The long awaited County Basketball League has finally arrived! The wait has come to an end and the opening match gathered a huge crowd of cheerful fans from the towns of Palomino Creek, Blueberry, Dillimore and of course the hometowns of the teams, Montgomery and Fort Carson. An extraordinary and a grueling match between Montgomery Rookies and Fort Carson Cowboys as they went head to head to secure a win for themselves. SANews Network, being the county's official news agency was able to gather information regarding the outcome of the match.

Fort Carson Cowboys started with a great lead into the first quarter, scoring 17 points compared to Montgomery Rookies, landing at just 3 points! The cheering and joy from the Montgomery fans at the grandstand felt short, revealing disappointment and despair of the first quarter's outcome. On the other hand, FC cowboys' fans were contented and cheering " Whip de' yung rookies ". It was clear that Fort Carson Cowboys celebrated a little bit too early for their performance at the first quarter.

The wasn't the case when Montgomery Rookies turned the tables around and secured 17 points to 2! What a comeback at the second quarter with strong defenses and great accomplishments by the players on the front line!
Fort Carson Cowboys were definitely not expecting that their confidence from the first quarter, would be turned into an embarrassment in the second quarter. 19 year old Keith Stones, scored 9 out of the 17 points in the second quarter, becoming the youngest player with the highest single amount of scores in one match.

As both teams duel to secure a win, the outcome of the third quarter ended in 18 points for Montgomery Rookies and 13 points for Fort Carson Cowboys, broadening the path for a win for either teams. The performance from both teams was clearly on top with no intentions to soften the magnitude of the tension during the match. With Fort Carson still being behind. One of the fans attempted to encourage the FC Cowboys by cheering, but that didn't last long when he stumbled over an open shoelace and the crowd bursted out laughing, adding more on top of the embarrassment.

The fourth quarter ended with yet 7 points to Montgomery Rookies and just 2 points for Fort Carson Cowboys, clearly showing the anger and unsatisfactory from the grandstand of FC Cowboys as they left the match. What an exceptional outcome compared to the previous quarter. Further more, Montgomery Rookies also managed to gain 12 points from the fouls compared to the 9 points gained by Fort Carson Cowboys out of the total 21 fouls that were awarded. The victory goes to Montgomery Rookies, ensuring their win in their own town and on their own pitch!

As the fans were preparing to leave, officials reported that a havoc was caused outside of the building, where a couple of fans from both teams ended up in a brawl and one of the victims was rushed to hospital because of a broken jaw. The reason that led to the brawl is still unclear, but people suspect that one of the FC Cowboys fans shouted racist slurs and insulted the Rookies' fans. However, the crowd were happy to attend the opening match of the league and were very delighted to see their teams play. SANews managed to receive some feedback:

"I am really happy that Montgomery Rookies made a great comeback and secured a win! It's really exciting!"
"We had to win this match of course! It was played on our pitch. I am just really happy we won and I just don't know how to describe my feelings at the moment."
SANews also managed to catch up with Fort Carson Cowboys coach. This is what he had to say:
"Indeed, we are not satisfied by what happened but it wasn't a huge loss. It's still the beginning of the league and we will come back better and stronger", Coach Rupp

Stay tuned for the next upcoming match between Rockshore Sharks and Palomino Crooks!

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