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Sorry for posting another topic, but I feel this question may be lost in the heated debate in my other topic.
Simply what is the maximum time a person can be jailed for and what happens if their crimes exceed this amount?
The same with fines.

Because surely this being based in America after comitting so many high level crimes you would be executed (PK or CK), equally if you rack up too many fines and you can't pay it off in time then you'd be declared bankrupt/jailed and lose all your property.

Thank you in advance.



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Sep 13, 2010
As far as I know, so far, or at least from when I joined this server untill now, there was never exceeded the maximum amount of time a person can be jailed for their ICly crimes. LEO's are ussualy catching him after the first crime, or the second, or the third. No one is that stupid to do like 20 crimes in a row without geting caught (when I say crimes, I mean that he must RP every single part of it, not just asspull a gun and kill a guy; if he's killing in a public place there should be withnesses who can help in catching him, etc, etc).

And if the the maximum amount of time allowed to be jailed has been exceeded, he will be probably jailed for the maximum amount of time allowed, because let's face it, you would not like to stay in jail for like 20 hours, would you? I think that soon the rule will be changed because there will be scripted a court and a prison. The prison will have guards, cells, a place where to exersise, etc, etc. The prison would be like a faction (part of DoJ). It will have employees, everything you need. Check here for more info: http://www.rc-rp.com/prison-f76/ . I guess that after this will be scripted some rules wil change.

And about the CK, we have a rule here: the player must ACCEPT the CK. He cannot be forced to be CK. If he agrees to it and the court sends him to a life-time sentence, maybe he will be CK. But I suggest you should wait first for the new update when the court and the prison will be scripted.

Being a RP server means that you have to act like IRL, but you CANNOT copy everything from RL to the game. Some things are just different.


Yes I fully understand that. Hmmm in most of your responses to my questions you have said that after the first crime or first few crimes the suspect has been caught. This sounds like a very efficient policing system- perhaps it is the criminals that are the issue! Ha. Thanks for the link to the prison etc, it is much appreciated. And the idea of a fully scripted RP prison with the DoJ also in full operation sounds top notch!

Thanks again

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