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Information Solo Roleplay Reward Requests

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Jul 26, 2018
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Solo Roleplay Reward Requests
Solo Roleplay Rewards

After internal Faction Management discussion we've decided to implement the Roleplay Reward Requests scheme for solo characters as our third entry into the Strawman Schemes. This will work in a similar manner to the current scheme in place for factions, however, it will be scrutinized more in many aspects as well as carrying strict guidelines. Any players currently showcasing exemplary roleplay on their character stories are eligible to send in a request for a reward, be that money, drugs, firearms, or assets such as vehicles & properties. The reward and its size will ultimately be decided by Faction Management as the application is processed.

Roleplay that can be carried out and profited from ICly, and without the need of the scheme, will not be approved. Any players wishing to request a reward must fill in the form below. You can post the request before or after the roleplay has been completed, however, there is no guarantee your request will be approved after being reviewed by the Faction Management Team. Rewards will only be issued to those that have roleplayed their scenarios to a high standard and those scenarios need to be both realistic and have enough justification for a reward. (For example, requests for small amounts of cash or small amounts of drugs will not be approved.) In some cases, the Faction Management Team may offer you a better reward than the one you requested.

You will need to showcase and provide evidence that all of your roleplay is of a good standard and has been carried out successfully in-game. If you're unable to provide evidence your request will not be approved.

  • Must be level 5 or higher on the character that you're applying on.
  • Must have no recent punishments on your admin record.
  • Must provide a showcase of your character's existing development, and provide consistent, good quality roleplay.

  • The minimum amount for cash requests is $10,000.
  • The maximum amount for cash requests is $50,000.
  • May only submit cash requests every two weeks.
  • The minimum amount of drugs you're able to request is 5 grams of any drug.
  • The maximum amount of drugs you're able to request is 50 grams of any drug.
  • May only submit drug requests every two weeks.
  • May not receive any more than 2 firearms every month.
  • Must not be a member of a legal or illegal faction on the applying character.

Requests may be sent via your faction consultant or sent via PM to either @paxie, @wool and @Slipky with the title "Character Name - Roleplay Reward Request"

[B]Character Name[/B]: ANSWER

[B]Roleplay activity proposed/completed[/B]: ([I]How, where and why is this roleplay being undertaken?[/I]) ANSWER

[B]Evidence[/B]: ([I]Screenshots/character story posts[/I]) ANSWER

[B]Suggested Reward[/B]: ANSWER

[B]Additional Information[/B]: ANSWER


Once your request is accepted you should submit a /assistance in-game to allow an admin to accept your request and provide you with the requested items.

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