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[SOLD/SWAPED] Landstalker

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A little tuned Landstalker , that was hardly working for me , has come to an end with me.
It a little tuned wheels , and no other tunes .
Starting bid is at : 115 000 $$$
Possible installing of NOS or HYDRAULICS
Its production year is : 1984.
It was 2nd hand when I bought it .
Call me on 4229 , Landstalker will be possible to find at the Welcome Pump Bar , in Dilimore , from now on
I would most likely swap it for a non-tuned Rancher ( Only NOS , if possible )
with out overpaying .

Here is a picture of the car : The Landstalker

(( I hope this was good ))

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(( Where are pitcures? Not only one pitcure, and they don't worth 30k lol ))


Re: Landstalker for sale ( Possible exchange )

(( Please , Trey , if you don't want to buy , don't post here!!! + I bought it for 105k .
And please ONLY BUYERS may post here , for now ))
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