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[SOLD] - 1991 Comet Targa - 800k Starting Bid - [SOLD]

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Mar 12, 2010
Vancouver, Canada
**You log onto www.redcountyauction.com**
**You see this ad and click on it**

Car: 1991 Comet Targa Top

Description: This car is beyond sporty. This thing is sexy. This car is a head turner for sure. It has a beautiful and elegant sterling silver paintjob. The rims on this car are rare, the comet manufacturers rarely make those rims. The car runs so smooth that you can't even feel a bump when you're driving around in this work of art! This car is an awesome car for a daily driver, the summer, and it's even fast enough for the race track!

Vehicle Features: A/C system (You wouldn't need it because of the targa), Heat, Fan, Power Steering, AM/FM, Cassette Player, Leather bucket seats

Engine: The engine of this car is a beauty and a work of art. It stores a 6.0L V12 engine. This engine is a beast, and it is fast as hell.

Contact Information:

Name: Ron Tyson
Phone: 2350273
Address: 5 Mulholland Way, Vinewood
Email: [email protected] ((Just Post Reply on the thread.))

Starting Bid: 500k
Minimum Step: 10k
Autowin: 1.5 Million


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