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[SOLD!] - 1979 Windsor Convertible GT - $350,000 USD - [SOLD!]

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Mar 12, 2010
Vancouver, Canada
**You log onto www.redcountyauction.com**
**You see this ad and click on it**

Car: 1979 Windsor Convertible GT

Description: This car is just a classic beauty. If you drive in one of these, you will get the attention of the ladies. It's a beautiful car to drive in the summer, it also has a convertible top! The colour of the car is Sterling Silver. This would be the perfect car for anybody, trust me, it is.

Vehicle Features: After market A/C system (You wouldn't need it because of the convertible), Heat, Fan, After Market Power Steering, AM/FM, Cassette Player

Engine: This car is a beast when it comes to the engine, even though it isn't the fastest car, the engine is a beauty and it sounds great. The engine is a 4.3L V8 32 Cam Valves and a soft and comfort shifting 4 Speed Manual Transmission.

Contact Information:

Name: Ron Tyson
Phone: 2350273
Address: 5 Mulholland Way, Vinewood
Email: [email protected] ((Just Post Reply on the thread.))

Starting Bid: 350k (This is a bargain, it costs 500k brand new to get it imported from dealers!)
Autowin: N/A


Not open for further replies.