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Denied Server wide event

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Jan 6, 2010
Here'd my idea;

Aperture was experimenting with aerospace designs and weather. However they messed up and caused a disease to spread throughout the country. In the amount of time it spread, they knew it was going to create apocalyptic madness. They created an antidote and cure. The antidote giving you the ability to stay outside without being harmed by the disease for only a few hours. The cure gets rid of your infected disease. Your skin calmly returns to normal and you'll have about 10 minutes to get to safety before the disease takes over your blood stream again. Aperture also sells the medicine to the EMS to help.

However aperture doesn't hold the only medicine. Drugs contain chemicals to help fight this sickness in your body. Marijuana, the antidote. And Moonshine can work as a cure. They don't last as long but they can help.
Drug dealers, scientists, and doctors work their hardest to keep mankind alive.

Maybe the police go crazy and go over the exceptions of brutality. Gangbangers run the streets over SWAT even. Perhaps the mobs lie underground and let business work in-doors only. Possibly the infected zombie people form an alliance to create a new species. Working as a group to change all people into their own race.

After a month of chaos, Aperture finally finds the ultimate cure. They shoot it via missle which bursts into a thin liquid substance, filling the air and making the oxygen safe to breathe again. Or will they?

OOC part:
I think this will be a cool server wide even that will make players want to log in and have fun. It would last for about a month. Here's some of the things that would happen.
The weather would be set to a red sky. Like a 'hell' environment 24/7.
Aperture could /give antidotes and cures. Their job would be to give them to the EMS and police at all costs, but maybe they could curruptly sell them to mafias and gangs for a large price. You could only carry 15 of each, antidote and cure i you're in the EMS or Aperture. If you're in anything else or just a normal person, then you can only carry one of each. So their would have to be a lot of work to get these things around.
The cure would turn you back into your normal skin and give your normal abilities again. The antidote would allow you to stay outside for three hours.
Weed would work as an antidote for 30 minutes. Moonshine would be a 50% chance cure.
Here's the zombie part;
If you stay outside (being in a car does not count as being outside) for a whole 10 minutes (non antidote) then you'll slowly turn into a zombie. You'll get automatic dues every couple of minutes.
3 minutes - /do You feel a strange feeling in your stomach.
5 minutes - /do You let out a choking gag.
7 minutes - /do Your insides slowly feel as if they're being ripped out of you, and your skin begins to tingle.
9 minutes - /do Your skin is burning badly, your eyes are red, your insides are in large pain, and you feel like you could puke any second.
10 minutes - /do Your skin forms into a melted stage, beginning to peal and hang. You feel the sudden need for blood and meat.
Then you would recieve a message in yellow saying "You are now a zombie."
You'll immediately turn into this skin;

Zombies can't drive cars. Everytime they get in one they'll immediately get sent out and recieve a message saying, "You're a zombie, you can't drive."
Zombies can't have guns, so they'll automatically be dropped everytime someone gives them to you. You can't go on duty for any job.
However you do get a new command you can use; /infect.
This command will work like /infect. No id's. It's like tazer. The closest person to you gets tazed.
There's a 30 minutes cool down on each /infect.
When you do the /infect command near someone, then they will immediately do the /fall command.
A automatic /me will show up for you.
/me tackles [PlayerName] sending him to the ground. He crouches over him, clawing and biting at him.
If the person doesn't have an antidote then they'll immediately turn into a zombie.
If the person does have an antidote then they'll turn into one also.
Using the command /cure as a zombie will allow you to turn back into a normal person.
Also if you talk as a zombie, then accents won't work but what will show up before the text is [Zombie Language]. ICly you wouldn't be able to understand that as a normal person. But it will create cool roleplay for the zombie people.
The cures and antidotes will cost a lot of money as well, and be hard to obtain. So they won't be used every minute.

What do you guys think of the idea?


Feb 13, 2010
Well... Its sounds cool.... But not a whole month.. It would become boring after a time i think... But else it sounds cool... /halfsupport


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Feb 17, 2010

I'm here to roleplay my cop and businessman characters, not to play Zombies vs. Humans. If I want that, I go to one of the servers dedicated for that.

If this happens, that's a month I wont be online.


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Jan 9, 2010
/support for a week only. People will abuse the chaos to do shit and non-rp stuff.


That would be interesting. I like it. You see zombie movies of people living their normal lives and something like this happens. You never know what kind of crazy shit those secret lab scientists are doing..... :twisted:


/nosupport, I'd go on Los Santos Zombie Apocalypse if I wanted to do this.
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