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Sean Davis Project

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Jan 10, 2010
Gang Name: The Sean Davis Project
Gang Description: The smell of lingering marijuana, the sound of bubbling bong hits, the taste of stale ginger snaps and the sight of Ziggy Rollins in the back room of the Lil' Probe Inn. You're at one of the meetings of The Sean Davis Project, an elite squad of protesters fighting for peoples rights against acts of the unknown. These acts of the unknown, known only the Gremlins, are the uncompromisable sights seen in the area of Red County. The Sean Davis Project protests for peace in the streets of Red County! No more of these bar fights, shootings and rapes! Ziggy Rollins, the ringleader of these modern day freedom fighters stand for what is just in Red County, and is the figure of all that is right. However, The Sean Davis Projects is terribly afraid of the Gremlins, who as Ziggy himself claimed to have taken him into their starship and told him the secrets of the world that if he told anyone else would cause his head to explode due to the extreme probing done on the ship.

Acts of the Gremlins!
Why?: For the longest time I wondered why SA:MP servers never really had any "hippie movement gangs". Back in August there was a group of like three people that would walk around preaching peace, but it just faded away. OSB was probably the closest thing to this idea, however. I think that The Sean Davis Project would bring great roleplaying opportunities to the server (as I plan on having this be a gang large on Roleplay) such as: Peaceful protests, acts of "Gremlins", hippie jam festivals, transportation of large amounts of marijuana moving across Red County and public speeches. The essential idea of this gang is a big conspiracy that the Red County government is releasing "Gremlins" into the air to sedate the public and blind them of their own personal views, making them zombies. When really it's just that they took too many hits of LSD.

Members (I'm going to try my hardest to get these people back to SA:MP)
Ziggy_Rollins (pending to change)/henry-Rank 5
Bud_Buddy/Kenji_Crash-Rank 5
Akisun_Flower/Akimoto_Shun-Rank 5
ApeToe/Sacajawea-Rank 4
Charlie_Peterson/Josh_Bauer-Rank 3
Doobie_Moonjava/Taka_Sato-Rank 4

You can post in this thread if you're interested in joining.
Desired Skins
-Boss Skin-160







The Farm-

(This will probably have to change) It looks really big, but the majority of it is a large bare farm. The only part we use is the house and the weed field. We already have 4 Campers, 1 Sultan and 1 Buffalo spawning there. It takes an estimated 30 seconds to get from the HQ to the city, even in a camper.

I don't know if this is given to gangs right off the bat, but here it goes:
Rank 5-Prophet
Rank 4-Brother
Rank 3-Hand
Rank 2-Peacemaker
Rank 1-Farmer

1) Follow all server rules. If I see you breaking them, or a reliable source tells me you did you are kicked, no questions.
2) Call your fellow members Brother/Sister, call cops Brothers of Law Enforcement.
3) Never carry a gun unless we're on Gremlin hunting missions.

*Walking through the woods one night, it's dark and foggy, you stumble upon a creepy old farm house, with many glass housing facilities for small green, broad leafed plants, that appear to be Marijuana.*

*You then see a small old man, sitting by himself on the side of the farm house, you approach him asking him a few questions.*

"Hello?, wher... where am I?" you ask the old man. "Oh, ey son, you're at da farm house for the... uhmm... OH YEAH! The Sean Davis Project!" the old man replies. You question the old man about The Sean Davis Project for a bit, before asking his name, he replies "Ma name is Bud maan! Wah's yo's?", you reply answering your name. Talking a bit, he tells you more about The Sean Davis Project, and decides to let you take a few pictures of the place for your personal collection.

*The man begins to look out for the "blue uniformed soldiers" as he calls them, before pulling a bong from the back of his old disgusting smelling hippie van, he packs the bong tight and then begins to light up the bong, taking a long rip, you then take a toke with him, because you don't want him to be offended.*

"Wher.. where did you get this stuff?" you ask Bud. "Maan, you askin' me? Didn'ya see da greenhouses my brother?", you then nod realizing what you saw earlier, and what you predicted was correct.

You notice an old Walton under a medium size water tower, with a tarp over the bed of the truck, but you do not stay long enough to ask questions.


Jan 9, 2010

You did your homework buddy. Lol i just remembered that Josh Bauer was in this gang back in szr.


I'm Sai_Kazkanov on that forum and I met henry thenish, this is his brainchild.

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