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SASP Press Release #81 | Triathlon competition

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Oct 15, 2013

Triathlon competition
This press release has been published by the San Andreas State Police's Public Affairs Unit on the 22th of June, 2014.

On Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 19:00:00 p.m we all enjoyed a really nice event where everyone who had the courage and strength could entroll.


At this day the community was given the opportunity to join a really pleasant event which aimed to bring them together and make all people give up smoking and reduce the daily level of stress.

The whole event started from Palomino Creek dock and finished in front of the local town hall. One unusual combination of disciplines was voted and accepted and fortunately passed without acccidents and serious injuries despite the heavy tracks that were selected by the organizers. Competitors had to be both physically and mentally healthy because ofthe three parts included swimming in the local dock, bike run and the final segment that included heel-and-toe walk. It is important to note that more than 20 participants applied for participation which is a pretty good start for a set of similar events.

The event attracted people of all ages but on the track they were all opponents and each struggled to secure a place at the podium. The event took place under strict control of the police and water was dealt at every checkpoint from paramedics who had difficult task to make sure all of the participants were in good physical condition. The organizers thought not only for the participants but also for the comfort of spectators. Some people offered the spectators free soft drinks and just after the end of the competition, children and older gathered under one sky under the patronage of favorite songs because the event was designed to gather everyone and make us to be a little more helpful in future.


Approved for release by: Sergeant Rob Newman

This press release has been published by the San Andreas State Police's Public Affairs Unit by State Trooper I Vincent McClain.

State Trooper I Vincent McClain
Public Affairs Unit
San Andreas State Police

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