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Sanwood Castaletta


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Jun 30, 2014
Sanwood Castaletta had everything in Liberty City. He had tons of money, plenty of nice cars, and a beautiful Mansion that sat on the water and not to mention a hot babe that was actually a super model that would do whatever he wanted.

He made all his money by selling pounds and pounds of Marijuanna and living in the fast lane street racing, just living the life as a baller.


But it was just an ordinary day in Liberty City when he peered out his window and saw four sultans full of guys who were part of the Sindacco crime family roll up to his Mansion,

they also killed his guards protecting the premises and took down his very expensive platinum arched gate that started from the beginning of his driveway. Obviously, they were at his house to raid him and also assassinate him. So he told his boys to go hold them off while he got the hell out of there.
Long story short the reason why the mafia went after Sanwood was because he took all of their customers and blew up the Sindacco's leader's Turismo(I know probably wasn't the wisest thing to do but he was a d**k).

He quickly sprinted down to his basement which led him to his underground tunnel that ran all the way through the sewer systems.

He traveled through the sewer for miles and finally made it near the airport, bought a ticket for whatever flight that was available which happened to be Red County and got out of Liberty City as fast as he could.

He left with whatever money that was sitting in front of him at the time and left all his merchandise. I guess it was time to start fresh.