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[S.A.C.F.D] Monthly Newsletter - #1


Mar 16, 2012


A new Chief, A new era..

Due to Fire Chief Riley Hawk stepping down from his position as Chief, he has hand picked someone worthy enough to run the day to day operations. Someone who has been in this position before, someone who he feels that can bring the Fire Department back to it's best. This man is Daniel Murphy, Fire Chief Daniel Murphy. Now times like this mustn't go unnoticed within the Fire Department, times change, things must change. Therefore in order to do this, Chief Murphy has built a suitable High Command and Command worthy enough for their suitable positions to aid him in this foundation for greatness. Sadly due to the tragic losses of Charlotte Steer and Joe Lewis, we had to find suitable replacements to fill their positions.

At this time we would like to welcome back Mr. Jamie Cole to the Fire Department as he was reinstated to help Chief Murphy guide the Fire Department back to good ways. Welcome back to Jay Moore who reinstated a few days ago after returning from his own country to assist the Fire Department once again. Also, congratulations go out to Martina Campbell for pushing up the ladder of ranks by making her way up to Assistant Chief after days and months of hard honest work out in the line of duty. Special welcomes to replacement Assistant Chief Jess Hudson and Captain Samantha Scott who will be replacing our dearest members who had loss their lives serving this great community, Charlotte Steer and Joe Lewis.

It will be a slow process making this Fire Department what it use to be back in 2011 and 2012 but somehow, someway it will eventually be great once again. These members work their hardest to provide the best care and support during tragic times, the Fire Department are here to serve you. The whole Fire Department would like to send out of thanks to the Emergency Service Unit for their support during the last couple of months, your assistance has been grateful and we appreciate your services and assistance when it's needed.



Written By: Marina Swanson

Public Affairs Director Marina Swanson
Deputy Chief Jamie Cole