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Denied /rptime ; /attempt & /tie

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/rptime is a command that can be used in the V1.0 update if you do decide it will change over to Heavy RP
Basicly it gives the player god mode. You may think this stupid but the only way to stop people wanting to Deathmatch is to make it impossible(well, its just easier way IMO)

So, With the command of /rptime it gives player God Mode. You may be thinking.... What if they are dm'ers that use this command?
There are two fix's I can think of.

#1 You use /rptime aswell.
#2 When a player uses /rptime it set's their ammo to 1 thus they can only shoot one bullet witch can't kill anyone easily...

Extra's to #2 As well as Not being able to easily kill someone the player keeps their weapon and can RP with someone "kidnapping" and possibly RP killing them without the need of actually firing a gun (( /me's and /attempt's ))

/attempt would be basicly the same colour as a /me...

Here is a senario.

You could type.....

/me attempts to tie the man.

And you would get....

Dan Smith attempts to tie the man.

But if you did....

/attempt to tie the man.

You would get.

Dan Smith has attempted to tie the man and succeeded.


Dan Smith has attempted to tie the man, but failed.

Based on a random chance...

/tie could be updated in the way tazer works maybe. Instead of....

Dan Smith has tied %NAME with some rope.

It would do....

Dan Smith has attempted to tie %NAME with some rope and succeeded. -> *ties him/her*


Dan Smith has attempted to tie %NAME with some rope but failed. -> *FAIL'D*

Again, based on random chance.


David said:
How can you fail if you attempt to tie someone? Unless your arms fall off...
Well, They kick you, Or they resist. or they bite you. or they jump out. Or they get a gun out. Or they bribe you. Or your high on drugs like mario and don't know that its really a mannequin. Or you swerve while driving and crash. Or you get distracted in some other way.

EDIT:- Or the rope is useless(snapped or to weak)

Also maybe have it so players get untied after a certain amount of time? (in case the kidnapper logs or leaves you out in the desert to walk back)

Yurik Cherdenko

/rptime sounds fucking gay


Uber Troll

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Jan 6, 2010
/NOT support

I think we should just make if to where if we have 10hp or below we are frozen and we automatically do /injured. That way we'd HAVE to call the EMS :D
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