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RP-ing a crash

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Oct 18, 2010
When being hitted/Hit someone:

When you crash into a tree/bridge/wall/other player you will get out of car type in /injured or /fall or /crack or /rollfall than you're gonna type in /me has hit a wall/(example)Entonio_McDonals/bridge etc.If you don't do that it will be considered as NON-RP!Than when SASE(Paramedic/Medic)come they will do somethings (example) /me attempts to put c-collar on Entonio_McDonals than he'll ask s/f (s=Succes f=Fail (reason))

When you find someone hitted:
If you have a cellphone use /call 911 (SAES) and say them your position,after that when paramedics come ask them if you can help them somehow,if they ask you to stay away don't spam them because of it.Get away.

That is it,i hope it's O.K
Not open for further replies.