[Roleplaying] Buying and Selling a car.

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Sep 14, 2012
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Jasper Riley.
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SANews Co.
Hey guys, Cacksii here with a tutorial on how to Role-Play buying and selling your vehicle. The reason I'm making this guide is because I am tired of seeing people run up to the person they are dealing a vehicle with and simply doing "/b /sellvehicle" or "/b Sell me the car." As we all know, this is a heavy RP server, and most people do not RP things like these. This is just s guide so you know the proper way of doing it.

Buying a vehicle

Alright, this is pretty simple.........​

Step 1. Find the car you want to buy.
Could be any car. Huntley, Clover, Turismo, doesn't matter.

Step 2. Talk to the person ICly about the car and what it comes with.
Ask him about the miles, transmission, horsepower, pretty much anything you would ask someone in real life about a car you are buying.

Step 3. Haggle.
If you have role-played with me when I was buying the car, you know I am a lowballer. Always try to get the best deal.

Step 4. Roleplay to your fullest potentials.
This is where I will show you the proper way to buy a car.....

Jasper Riley: Hello Sir, are you the man from the advertisement? The one who was selling the Feltzer?
Ross DiMauro: Why yes I am. I am Ross, Nice to meet you.
Jasper Riley: I am Jasper. Nice to meet you too.
*Ross DiMauro and Jasper Riley shake hands formally*
Ross DiMauro: Well here it is *Gestures to the white Feltzer*
Jasper Riley: It is as nice as you described it. *Smiles*
*Jasper Riley proceeds to walk towards the car, he then walks around the car, examining it*
Jasper Riley: How many miles did you say this car had?
Ross DiMauro: 673 Miles. Just changed the oil too.
Jasper Riley: Alright, thats not too bad. *Looks inside the car*
What do I see, transmission wise? ((Jasper Riley))
You would see a 5-Speed Manual Transmission. ((Ross DiMauro))

Jasper Riley: Oh a Five-Speed. How nice. *Smiles again*
Ross DiMauro: Would you like me to show you the engine?
Jasper Riley: Sure, that would be nice.
Ross DiMauro begins walking towards the Feltzer. He opens the drivers side door. He then leans down, pulls a lever to pop the bonnet.
Ross DiMauro walks towards the front of the car, lifting the bonnet, he then places the metal rod in place to hold the bonnet up.
Jasper Riley glances into the engine.
What would I see? ((Jasper Riley))
A 6-Cylinder Engine with a brand new Manifold. ((Ross DiMauro))

Jasper Riley: Oh wow, six-Cylinder, must be great on gas. And that looks like a new Manifold.
Ross DiMauro: Yes. It is great on gas. Almost 36 Miles per gallon. Would you like to take it for a test drive?
***At this point, test drive it optional, it is up to the owner if he want to let you drive it***
*Jasper and Ross go on a test drive in the Feltzer*
Jasper Riley: Wow, this is a great car. How much did you say you wanted?
Ross DiMauro: About $65,000.
Jasper Riley: I will give you $55,000.
Ross DiMauro: Alright, that sounds fair.
Ross DiMauro then proceeds to the Feltzer. He opens the passenger door sitting in the seat. He reaches for the glovebox, opening it.
Ross DiMauro then takes out the title and the registration. He then closes the glovebox and walks to the front of the car.

Ross DiMauro: All you need to do is sign here, here, and here. *Points to different spots on the paper*
Jasper Riley takes out a pen from his pocket, signing in the designated areas.
Ross DiMauro: Alright. Now all that is left is for you to pay me.
Jasper Riley: Alright. *Jasper reaches into his jacket pocket, pulling out a bank envelope*
Jasper Riley: What did we agree on? $55,000?
Ross DiMauro nods.
Jasper Riley opens up the envelope, carefully counting out $55,000.
Jasper Riley hands over a wad of cash to Ross.
Ross DiMauro take the cash, pocketing it.
*Ross DiMauro wants to sell you his Feltzer for $55,000*
*You accept Ross DiMauro's Feltzer*

Ross DiMauro: Alright, here ya go. *Hands the set of keys to Jasper*
Jasper Riley: Thank you *Takes the keys, pocketing them*
Ross DiMauro: Have a nice day.
Jasper Riley: You too.
Jasper Riley walks to the Feltzer, getting in it. He then turns it on and drives off, waving to Ross as he leaves.
And that's how it's done for buying a car. Selling a car is virtually the same process. I don't really believe I need to explain it to you guys, unless I really need to. Mainly because I believe you get the picture. Leave a comment below if you think I missed anything. Also give me some feedback, as this is my first tutorial. Thank you for reading.
Sep 14, 2012
IG Name
Jasper Riley.
IG Faction
SANews Co.
Sorry, i used pink to indicate /me's and /do's, as soon as I get access to an actual computer i will change them.
Jul 10, 2012
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Jack Colton
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The first sentence in pink was visible good, so just change it to that. ;)

Nice guide too.
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