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Roleplaying and Farming - Developing your character and making money.


Dec 12, 2018
Romania, Brăila
Alright, so, this will be my first guide right here and if something is wrong please say it so i can change it.
This topic will get adjustments every day, adding more and more stuff also making it aesthethic friendly.
Alright. First things first i will talk about roleplay in general. In general roleplay means to simulate real life, in game we have two principal commands without them we can't call it a roleplay server. I talk about commands /me and /do. The /me command we use it when we want to create an action for out character and /do command we use it when we describe a situation in which our character is involved.​
Two proper examples would be:
  • (/me)Firstname_Lastname takes out his wallet and hands some dollar bills to the toll guard.
  • (/do)The toll guard presses a button and lifts up the barrier. ((Firstname_Lastname))

    Sentences as:

  • /me is known in the neighbourhood as Best Killer.
  • /me has a very well defined musculature, he beats four niggas at a time.
  • etc
- It's completely wrong, as long as you just created your account and you want to roleplay in an illegal faction, wanted to gain reputation you don't make a simple /me just for a screenshot to post it. If you make that /me just by joining the specific faction you would be considered as a non-roleplayer.
- You can not develop your character just by sending those /me's. If you really want to become a well known and a "badass" prove it by doing In Character actions, make your name around other characters so the other players would be afraid to make deals with you, they will know your attitude.
- If you see someone doing like that, don't be afraid to send him a PM and explaining him what he's doing wrong. If you are a good roleplayer then don't hesitate to teach a poor roleplayer just because you are better than him, everyone has the chance to learn something.

  • Imagine that you become a member of a governamental faction, do not stay all day long on duty like a robot. Develop your character like you have some faction problems, you don't understand something, you ask your partner, you have bad situations in your neighbourhood, your wife divorced you and she took you all of your money, the apartment etc like so the others can interact with you with those problems developing not yours but also their character.
  • Another way, very important as well, is to roleplay defects of a characterm do not develop your character as a "always healthy" one, that it's just lame, in real life i don't think that you are always healthy. Roleplay an ache, head ache, stomach ache, diarrhea, you have a broken arm, or a broken leg, you wear an eye-patch because you had an incident with a fishing rod or something like that, you are a pedophile, you have a pasion for fat chicks, you are mentally disturbed, you have a fear of heights, fear of pussy every thing you imagine. Being a god it's just lame, you cannot develop your character that way.

Let's talk about farming right now. I know that you need money for especially a car, a house, a business etc but that's doesn't mean that you must to farm continuosly money, to make the server-side jobs every hour farming and farming.
You can develop a lot of roleplay situations where you can collect money and those situations are pretty much simple, you can complete them with at most ten lines of roleplay. In real life you wouldn't want a job where you can spend a short time on it but you receive a lot of money? Well you can do this too in game, you need some imagination, If you want a good character development and if you want to become a good roleplayer, find new ways of roleplay where you can make money, forget the server-side jobs. Help the server to grow, create new projects, help the illegal factions to develop his illegal roleplay. If someone offers you to buy a lighter, or a pack of contraband ciggarettes, don't hesitate, buy them so you can help those who really want to make money from roleplay. To make money from roleplay you can start singing, become singer, you can try to be a lawyer but that is very complicated, it needs an advanced roleplay level and learning the acts and laws of San Andreas etc. You can become a chef at a small restaurant, then find a bigger restaurant when you've earned some money, open your personal restaurant, advertise about it, call your singer friend and make him sing in your restaurant and take a fee from him. You can roleplay as illegal where you rob from a store some items or from a pawn-shop and sell those items to players, constantly developing your character, There a a lot of ways to earn money from roleplay, you just have to be a bit creative. There are some things in the game that you cannot buy with money, so, the farming means nothing.
This is inspired from someone, i do not own all the credits.


Jun 23, 2017
Decent guide for people new to roleplay and such or people generally looking to improve their RP in some way or another. Not original but still helpful if you haven't seen it before.