Roleplay Vocabulary (VITAL Tutorial) - By Adam Fairfield

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Oct 26, 2010
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I hope this miniature dictionary clears some things up for you guys/gals. This won't be in any particular order.

Godmodding = Not allowing your character to take Damage; Making your character invinsible in any situation; Auto-hitting another player dring a fight or something relevant; Taking control of another character's actions

Power Gaming = If your character suffers a major wound or in a spot that hinders their ability and you deliberatly roleplay like they can handle it and rush right in; Just forcing something upon another character

Metagaming = Using OOC information and using it ICly even if your character doesn't know whatever the information may be

IC/In-Character = Taking the role of your character and playing it; Roleplaying your character; All the info that is IC is KEPT IC

OOC/Out-Of-Character = Talking like you normally would to tell someone something; To NOT be RPing your character; All OOC information is KEPT OOC

Auto-Hitting = When you're doing an action or in a fight you automatically hit the person; Not using the proper attempts in hitting someone but just straight doing it; An illegal move in roleplay fighting

Retcon = When you decide a RP is completely shot and not worth continuing or you decide you NEVER wanted to RP to exsist or like it never happened; You MUST inform EVERY participant involved or connected to the RP that it has been retconned, Thus is "NEVER HAPPENED"; After initiating the retcon you go about your day like this NEVER happend, and anyone affected by the roleplay in some manner whatever it may be is now relieved of whatever happened during the RP

- Credits goes to Adam Fairfield

I hope this helped you guys in some ways, enjoy!
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