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Robbing / Scamming Rules [NOT IN USE]

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Jan 31, 2011
Re: Robbing / Scamming Rules [Last Updated: 23rd of January 2017]

Multiple changes were made to the robbing / scamming rules, please familiarise yourself with them.

Committing a simple robbery requires at least one SASP member online:
In the interest of fairness it is not allowed to commit a robbery while there's no SP members online (can be checked via /factiononline). This applies only for simple robbery scenarios (approaching an unsuspecting player, robbing them and leaving afterwards), it is still allowed to commit a robbery and other criminal acts if they're a result of a roleplay scenario already in progress.

Being able to steal a vehicle via /givesharedkey is no longer an unwritten rule:
You are allowed to temporarily steal any vehicle from a player by having them hand over the keys to you. The player has to use /givesharedkey, and you are expected to give a realistic estimate on how long you will be using the vehicle.

Other miscellanelous limits have been added:
You are not allowed to steal a fish crate off a player unless it holds 50 fishes or less.

You are not allowed to steal a briefcase (or its contents) off a player, unless they're specifically holding it in their hand. Refer to the briefcase rules in the main rules thread for more information.

A simple clarification has been added to the disclaimer about bringing a robbery upon yourself as a taxi driver:
You are also not allowed to abuse the taxi job in order to take your customer to a faraway place in order to rob them.
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