Rigging Tutorial.

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Mar 31, 2010
1. Reqerimients

In order to Rig a Model you will need a copy of 3D Studio MAX, in this tutorial i will use version 9. And in order to import/export Skeleton Data and models you will need the KAM Max Scripts.

You can get an useless free 30-Trial version of 3D Studio Max from here:

And you may download the KAM scripts from here:
Or here:

Note: If this is your first attempt with 3D Studio Max, i recommend you to read some tutorials in the Net to cover the basics of the program. Or read the Help and mini tutos that came with the program Itself.

This method is not the better way to RIG. I highly recommend to read Creative_Madman's Rigging tutorial too. In fact in order to have your model rigged with this method you will need to know how to assign verticles to each bone too. Because if you dont the model will have many bugs.

In order to rig with this method, you need that your model and the model you will use as Skeleton are in the SAME pose.
Both model must be in the same pos, if your is is T pose, the Rigged ped has to be rigged in T pose too. Dont move the bones, it wont work.

http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/5581/22245699of8.th.png http://img129.imageshack.us/img129/3127/notokea9.th.png

Here you can check Creative_Madman's Simplest Rigging Tutorial in the Univese:

Or Kam's Rigging tutorial (Pretty OLD):

2. Preparing the Model

Ok, now you are ready to start. Open 3D Studio Max and you will see something like this:

When you start 3ds Max, the main screen contains four equal-sized viewports. The one in the lower right is a perspective view, and the others correspond to the three views: top, front, left. By default, the perspective view is Smooth and Highlights.

You can choose different views to display in these four viewports as well as different layouts from the viewport right-click menu. I will change it so i can work with only 1 Viewport, but you can work with all of them if you want. I will Maximeze the Perspective Viewport, to do so Select the viewport you want to maximize (In my case the Perspective one) and click Alt+W.

Note: In case you have to Open a MAX file to open the model you want to rig, you have to do it after doing it.

Ok, now its time to Load the model you want to rig. In my case its a 3DS file, so i go to File->Import... And i select my model. Hit Ok, and if everything is ok you will see your model like this:

You can Rotate the camera and move it by pressing Mouse Scroller + Alt to Rotate and only the Mouse Scroller to move, and scroll for Zooming.
Now you have to Import a SA Skeleton, but we need more than it, we also need a PED with it. We can't Use DFF IO, because if you Import a Ped with it, it wont move. You will need to use IFP IO to import a DFF (A ped) because IFP IO is for animating, and it also import the Skin Modifier Data (The ped rigged).

So, go to Utilities Panel and Click on MAX Scripts if Kam's GTA Scripts arent listed go to MAXScript->Run Script... and Select IFP IO.

Click on Import DFF and import a SA/VC/III Ped (Depending on which GTA you want to rig for). I will import My Leon model as it is in T pose too.

You will have to Scale and rotate Your model untill it fits the SA one.

Once done you have to put it in the same place as the SA one untill they look like the same. You can help yourself by switching views (Top, Left, Rigth, Front, etc), Rigth Click on where it says the Viewport name (Ex: Perspective) and choose another view.

Now you have to Reset the Pivot Position and Rotation to 0.0;0.0;0.0
To do so, go to the Hierarchy Panel and select your model, then click on Adjust Pivot Only and right click on the viewport to select the square next to Move and change the values X Y Z to 0. Same thing with Rotation.

Leave Adjust Pivot Only by clicking on it again, and go to the Utilities Tab. Select your model and Press Reset Xform, then press Reset Selected.
Mar 31, 2010
3. Rigging the Model

Ok, now the model is ready to be rigged. Now you can use my method or use Creative_Madman's one. But if you are reading this tutorial its because you want to use mine . So lets get started

Select the Skined Character (The one you imported from SA) and go to Editable Mesh in Modifier Tab, Hit ok. Go to Vertex Mode and select the whole mesh. All the "Dots" will be Red now.

Under "Edit Geometry" click on "Attach" and select your model, hit OK in the dialog. Now Press Delete key and the old Skinned PED will be erased. Now you only will see your model with the skeleton on it. Leave Attach by clicking on it again and leave Vertex Mode.

You are done. The model is rigged. But this method will make bugs, so the model is not really fully done. It has bugs that you have to fix manually.

If you dont want to fix thouse bugs you can export the model and it will work in SA, but you will see the bugs. So if you want to fix them you will have to continue reading the Step 4 of this tutorial.

4. Fixing Bugs

As i mentioned at the beggining of this Tutorial, this method isnt the best, but its the easier and quickest. But that sacrifises the quality of the rigging.
Most of the models you will rigg with this method will have bugs, specially on the Legs.
You may ask why? Well, if you didnt notice, this method "copyes" the Skin from a Model to another. While doing this, the skin modifier will apply the same values as applyed in the original model, but the new model is diferent from the old one, so some verticles are assigned wrong.

So in order to finish the rigging you have to fix this. You will need to read Creative_Madman's tuto here:

So now lets continue, now you may check all the bones to see if they are ok. You will probably find problems with the Thighs and Calfs. Like in this pic.

Thats normal, now you have to use your knowledge from Creative_Madman's Tuto to fix thouse bugs. How? Assigning the verticles which are assigned to the wrong bone.. to the right one.
So go to the Skin modifier check Verticles (under Select) and have a look at the L Thigh

You see many dots in the Left Thigh, thats ok, thouse are the verticles which move with the L Thigh bone. Bbut notice a few dots in the R Thigh.. that not ok, you cant move your Left Thigh and move some parts of your Right Thigh with it. So you will select thouse dots and assign them to the R Thigh.
And do the same with the R Thigh, it will have some dots in the Left one aswell.

So at the end each Thigh will move only the verticles from each thigh.

Do the same with the calfs and any other problematic bone. And you model will be fully rigged.

5. Exporting the Model

If everything is ok, textured model and rigged. You can now Export it. In order to do it open the DFF IO from Kam's Scripts. Click on the Model only and in the DFF IO dialog select the GTA the model is for and Check "Skip COL" and then click on "Bones/Skin Export"

Select the destination folder and let Max do its job. Then you have to make the TXD for it, but i wont cover that part.

Hope it helped.

- Credits to: Coin-goD
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