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Report Players, Mick Foley and Tony Montana


Feb 5, 2010
After a guy, Tony Montana, killed me 3 times ( 1 time RPly the 2nd other times without reason so DM) i told him via /n to Stop the DB.
The Admin Mick Foley kicked me for reason "flaming in /n", oayk so i just got back in the server.
Then he kicked me reason : none.. I thought what an ass and just relogged.
he kicked me again with an other nice reason before i havnt evan said 1 word...
kids at work.. :roll:

Yurik Cherdenko

Mick Foley is too trigger happy on the kicks. He kicked me for a bullshit "dm" when i was rp kidnapping someone in the street with a friend. We were telling the person to put his handsup when Brian Callaham comes and is like /me pulls out a weapon and Put your handsup! I fire upon him and kill him as I would obviously do as he has pulled a weapon on me then I got kicked for bullshit "dm" What do you want me to do ffs /me shoots his gun at the obvious threat of the police it goes pew pew pew and he dies, /do is he dead???