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Denied "Rent a house" - Another TM suggestion!

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Mar 14, 2010
Stirling, Scotland
If any of you have played LS-RP you'll get the drift as to what I'm talking about, but due to the shortage of houses for the amount of players we have and for the newer players:

House owners will have the following commands available to them:
/setrentable (toggles the house to be rentable or not rentable)
/setrent [amount] (I'd say set this between about $50-$500)
/viewtenants (Shows all the people who're renting at your house)
/evict [id] (ID's are shown on the /viewtenant screen)
/evictall (Evicts all tenants)

Tenant commands:
/rentroom (Used outside of the selected house and makes that house the users spawn place and rented home)
/lock (Can lock/unlock the houses front door from the outside but not the inside)
/rentsafe (Rent a "safe" to store your belongings in; Weapons etc - This is so others can't see your weapons and will only see their own)
/Safe (Used to place items in safe - if the tennant has rented a safe)

How will rent be paid?

Say the rent of the home is set for $50, every pay cheque automatically $50 will come out of that players bank account/wages and will automatically be added to the home owners bank account/pay cheque.

Is there a limit on how many people can rent one house?

Keep in mind the home owner still owns the house fully; renting that house is just a spawn/save place as well as somewhere to chill out. There's no real limit however if the owner thinks theres to much he can evict a few of the tenants or all of them.


This idea would mostly benefit the following:

  • Level 1 & 2.
  • Those who don't make a lot of cash.
  • Those who can't get a house because there's none on sale.


In addition, the owner should be able to choose if the tennants can share any of his cars, for extra rent, i.e. /tennantcar (1/2/3), This suggestion may seem odd, but with noobs that have no car, this would really help them.
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