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Information Refunds - Read before posting!

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Jan 20, 2012
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Refund rules

Make sure you've read the Refund Rules thoroughly before posting your refund request! Not abiding by them will result in your refund being denied, and in some situations even a permanent ban from the server.
Finalising your refund

After you have made a refund request it is your job to keep on top of it. If/when your refund topic has been accepted it will be moved to the Accepted Refunds sub-section. From that point you will be given four weeks to finalise the refund in game. If you do not collect your refund in the given time then it will automatically become invalid and will be archived. The reason this procedure has been put in place is because it helps keep the section tidy and I will be able to finalize refunds faster, whether it be by contacting other Admins that are able to handle refunds or whatever else is needed.

Monetary refunds or refunds that require assets being transferred do not require you to claim them ingame. They will be handled by Management in due time, and this process does not require you to be present/online at the time. Make sure to subscribe to your thread or check the Accepted Refunds section periodically to see if your refund has been already handled or not.

- You have to collect your refund within 4 weeks after it has been accepted.
- None of the mentioned above applies to refund appeals that can only be handled by TommyB or Management.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in a PM.

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