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Red County RP Rules [Last Updated: 15th of June 2019]

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Jan 31, 2011
Multiple misleading leftovers from the old rule 12 have been removed in order to avoid confusion. An exception has also been added, allowing chasing down fleeing players into a safezone - as long as you're already in an active situation with them. In such case you don't require permission from an administrator.

Rule 12
Committing crimes in supervised areas

If you want to commit a crime in a place that would normally be guarded or under supervision - you have to request permission from an administrator.

Places like government headquarters, banks and other public buildings are usually either guarded or have a live CCTV system with an operator, therefore the police would be immediately notified about any crimes that happen within those areas. As in most cases your crimes would be immediately reported by a live CCTV operator or reacted to by guards/police officers we have decided that if you want to commit a crime in one of the locations listed below you have to request permission from an administrator.

Exception: If you got into a situation with a player away from a safezone (for example you're chasing them for running over your friend) and they flee into a safezone - you are allowed to chase them down and engage further.

Places that fall under this rule:
  • Police Departments (Dillimore, Montgomery, Fort Carson, El Quebrados)
  • Townhalls (Palomino Creek, Fort Carson, Angel Pine)
  • Station 11 (RCFD headquarters)
  • Hospitals (Montgomery, Fort Carson, El Quebrados)
  • Palomino Creek Fishing Bay / Fishers Lagoon
  • Banks (all banks within Red, Bone and Flint County)
  • Elite Trucking Headquarters
  • Montgomery Park
  • Montgomery Pizza Stack
Purposefully raiding government headquarters (for example to break a friend out of jail, or to kidnap a police officer) also requires permission from an administrator.
PunishmentIf you fail to request permission before committing a crime in a public place, you may receive a punishment which could vary from an ajail to a date ban, depending on the severity. Raiding government headquarters without permission can result in a permanent ban.
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