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Red County Roleplay - June 2015 Highlights and Statistics


Dec 4, 2010

JUNE 2015

[legend=#0080BF Introduction ]whiteWelcome to the Red County Roleplay highlights and statistics information update for the month of June 2015. The following information gives you an insight of general events, as well as community statistics which will serve as reference for the final information update which will be released at the end of the year.

Server statistics information are based on comparison of two monthly data - May 2015 and June 2015.

You can view last month's highlights update topic by clicking here.
[legend=#0080BF General Playerbase Information]white
Based on SACNR monitor, the server had an average of 31.18 players throughout the month. It was a weekday (June 23) when the server reached the maximum number of players, including Steve The Train Bot, which is quite a record and hopefully it will continue to do so in the following months.

Despite the server getting "attacked" by hackers, there have been more players whom were willing to learn the basics of roleplay and actually become a regular in the server. Remember that community administrators (/admins), helpers (/helpers), and even fellow members are always available to assist you if you need help in the server.
[legend=#0066CC Development ]whiteSA-MP Script Development
Of the two server revisions this month, majority of the updates are bug fixes.
The following information contains the changelog of script updates made within the month:

Version 2.2.2 R3
• The mechanic towtrucks no longer need to be hotwired and will check the player's job instead.
• Fixed a bug where the boombox range check when placing another boombox would fail to execute.
• Fixed a bug where admin assistance requests would not clear if the player a helper was assisting used /logout.
• Fixed a bug where /hotwire could be used on player vehicles that already had their engines turned on.
• Fixed a bug where wall furniture objects would spawn at a bad angle, causing players to be sent under interiors.
• Fixed a bug where a handful of items would not show up in /inventory, causing the item count to appear incorrect.
• Fixed a bug where Elite Trucking calls had a chance not send if they were too long.
• Fixed a bug where /members counted the total faction members incorrectly.
• Fixed an issue where houses wouldn't be set to "unlocked" when being wiped from inactive players or sold to the server.
• Fixed an issue where "Rumbley Block" houses would not show up in /navto.
• Fixed an issue where the wrong clothing object could be changed if a player had more than one of the same object.
• Attempted to fix a bug where the Engine Oil warning would not appear when it should.

Version 2.2.2 R4
• Management can now use /afrespawn all -1 to "refresh" all faction vehicles. This will destroy every faction vehicle on the server and reselect them from the database as opposed to simply setting the vehicle back to its spawn position.
• Clothing objects will now disappear when aiming a sniper/camera and reappear when done.
• Players will now only be able to own one of each weapon from ammunation when purchasing legal weapons. E.g, a player could buy a Desert Eagle from ammunation and would not be able to buy another until it is destroyed regardless of whether or not the player has the weapon in their possession.
• /timeleft will now show jail time as well as prison time.
• /members will now sort faction members by rank instead of alphabetically.
• Fixed a few issues related to creating faction vehicles.
• Fixed a handful of bugs related to house furniture textures.
User Control Panel Development
The return of Smally in the development team gave the website another set of updates that were released few weeks ago.
The following information contains the changelog of the latest website update:

• Major changes to the support ticket system - both the front end and the way the system functions has been changed. (Yellow Boxes is a staff reply.)
• Faction Administrators can now edit factions on the UCP similar to that of the /fedit command. (Factions that are edited VIA the UCP are now reloaded on the server minute count)
• Fixed a bug where Armour and Weapons would not show for ownedVehicles or would display incorrectly.
• Administrators are now able to view Donations per master account instead of having to search through individual character accounts.
• Updated CKEditor to include some more plugins and a new theme.
• Fixed a bug where upon editing master account permissions it would save the data incorrectly and overwrite the wrong settings.
• Additions to the API
• More bug fixes
Development Team
Smally has returned to the development team to continue working on and bring updates to the website.

The Future of the User Control Panel

Message from UCP Lead Developer Smally:
It's very easy to give you a small update and expect you to be happy, well that's not the case here, I have always had big features planned for the User Control Panel and never got round to finishing them you can expect to see the following in the User Control Panel at somepoint within the next couple of months:

• Finish the Public Character Profile System - Including our own custom BBCode Parser to allow you to display dynamic information in your character story such as current house if you wish and most information that is avaliable to you as a player.
• Change the support ticket system to intergrate departments, thus streamlining the whole ticket process as the ticket will only be shown to those with valid access levels to what you need.
Intergrate a Faction Chat system on the User Control Panel using sockets.
• Change the design to allow for more than one theme and allow donators to customise their own profile (Including background, font and colors)
• Revamp the staff page to show more information and integrate helpers onto the page.
• Change the frequently asked questions page to a knowledgebase.

That's just the features that I can think of myself! If there's anything you would like to see in the next version of the User Control Panel then head over to the forum and post a suggestion now!
[legend=#006600 Factions ]whiteUnofficial Factions Information

Number of factions (re)formed: 11(4 legal factions & 7 illegal factions)
Number of factions disbanded:7(2 legal factions & 5 illegal factions)

Best developed faction: /
Most influential faction: The Soviet Connection & The Dauntless Triads

Official Factions Information

Faction Additions
200 Peach Block Folk Nation
La Onda

Faction Removals (Descriptions)

Faction Leaders Roster
San Andreas State PoliceDaniel Evans [Evans]
San Andreas County Fire DepartmentKenneth Brown [TyMeLeSs]
Superior Court of San AndreasJohn Hower [Donuts]
Aperture ResearchIan Burns [Ian]

Big Mikes AutosDavid Buckley [Bobalob]
Elite TruckingSimon Hill [Simon]
SAN NetworkRomero Legend [Romdez]
Silver TradingWilliam Silver [TommyB]

200 Peach Block Folk NationNayquan Billups [BenBiddulph]
Ancelotti FamilySalvatore Salieri [DirtyTruth]
Invicto CrewMarshal Honeywell [Breadd]
La OndaPaco Canderias [Cruzito Canderias]
Reapers of Salvation Motorcycle ClubTony Mostmans [Toneh]
Welles AssemblyDylan McAllister [Karner]

Faction Leadership Changes
• [GOV] San Andreas County Fire Department - Tim King (McKinley) Kenneth Brown (TyMeLeSs)
[legend=#00A6FF Administration ]white
Current Administration Team Count: 18 (+3)
0 trial administrators
12 administrators (+4)
3 lead administrators (-1)
3 managers

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (4)
Cruzito Canderias - Administrator
Earl - Administrator
Jim - Administrator
Manu - Administrator

Promotions: (0)

Departures: (1)
Charles - Lead Administrator

[legend=#00CC00 Helpers]white
Current Helper Team Count: 24 (+1)

Arrivals: (3)

Reinstatements: (4)

Departures: (5)

[legend=#0066CC Testers]white
Current Tester Team Count: 6 (=)

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (0)

Departures: (0)

[legend=#009999 Mappers]white
Current Mapping Team Count: 8 (=)

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (0)

Departures: (0)

[legend=#003366 In-game Statistics Information]whiteNumber of character accounts: 13,937

Number of master accounts: 22,745

Number of permanently banned accounts: 7,753

Number of permanent bans issued this month: 75

Number of donator accounts: 1,516

Global play time (/ttp of 13,937 accounts combined): 73,282,695 minutes

Total number of character accounts in May 2015: 13,476 accounts
Number of new character accounts in June 2015: 461 accounts
TOTAL: 13,937 accounts

Total number of master accounts in May 2015: 22,186 accounts
Number of new master accounts in June 2015: 559 accounts
TOTAL: 22,745 accounts

Total number of donator accounts in May 2015: 1,507 accounts
Number of new donator accounts in June 2015: 9 donator accounts
TOTAL: 1,516 donator accounts

Total global play time in May 2015: 72,320,399 minutes
Global play time attained in June 2015: 962,296 minutes
TOTAL: 73,282,695 minutes
[legend=#003366 Forum Statistics Information]whiteNumber of posts: 1,052,388
Number of threads (topics): 80,133
Number of forum accounts registered: 20,976
Number of private messages: 201,979

Number of forum bans issued this month: 14 bans

Top 15 users with most posts:
(1st) Tom14,377 posts
(2nd) TommyB12,096 posts
(3rd) Casablancas12,044 posts
(4th) PuDzeh11,083 posts
(5th) Giga10,879 posts
(6th) Ink8,702 posts
(7th) KevinK8,478 posts
(8th) Lior7,570 posts
(9th) Yass7,563 posts
(10th) Karner7,394 posts
(11th) Pax7,156 posts
(12th) Robin7,083 posts
(13th) Alec7,005 posts
(14th) Timothy6,803 posts
(15th) Frisker6,718 posts

16th ... Mueller - 6,141 posts
17th ... 2Fabulous - 6,065 posts
18th ... Doddsy - 6,014 posts
19th ... Delerious - 5,874 posts
20th ... Alvar - 5,841 posts
21st ... ThePasst - 5,840 posts
[legend=#003366 Miscellaneous Statistics Information]whiteNumber of ban appeals: 58
Number of player complaints: 44
Number of refund requests: 41
Number of bug reports: 12
[legend=#0080BF Conclusion ]whiteThank you for taking the time to read this month's edition of the highlights and statistics update. The second half of 2015 has started and of course more things will happen in the community as days pass. I just came back from a two-month break in the server and I can now use my PC so you might have noticed the changes in the topic's layout.

European players are almost set for the summer break this month, so hopefully we can invite more players to join the community. Meanwhile, in America, #4thofJuly is just few days away.

In other news, 4th of July Donation Special, anyone? Or will there even be one? :detective:

I wish you all a great month ahead!

~ Giga
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Retired Admin
Jun 26, 2014
Re: Red County Roleplay - June 2015 Highlights and Statistic

Great work as always Giga, massive thanks to Kenneth Brown for his work so far in the Fire Department, I think we can all see the massive improvement in activity.


spotify listener
Dec 30, 2010
Texas, USA.
Re: Red County Roleplay - June 2015 Highlights and Statistic

I feel like I owe a slight apology for a rather slow month in terms of script development. I've been slightly demotivated due to stuff going on in my personal life which has left me in a sour mood, I guess you could say. Every time I opened up the server's gamemode to get some work done, I'd end up getting frustrated, close my text editor and do something else. I still managed to get a few things done, but I was basically forcing myself to do it. This month should be a lot better in that regard, so keep an eye out.

no theres not going to be a 4th of july special


Retired Admin
Apr 7, 2013
Flanders, Belgium
Re: Red County Roleplay - June 2015 Highlights and Statistic

<3 Giga


Jun 1, 2014
Re: Red County Roleplay - June 2015 Highlights and Statistic

Nicely done Giga. Especially after accidentally closing it :thumbup:

Crazy Andre

Retired Admin
May 10, 2010
Re: Red County Roleplay - June 2015 Highlights and Statistic

Good shit Giga.

The Punisher

Retired Admin
Mar 9, 2012
Re: Red County Roleplay - June 2015 Highlights and Statistic

It's always nice to read these every month and seeing the server slightly improve each month. While I don't play here ever, it always brings back good memories of when I did play here back in 2012-2014 years. Hopefully I can make a return at the end of the year or next year when I get a better paying job and new computer. Giga, keep up the hard work and just a slight suggestion, every time you make a new one, can you put the other topics you made in here too so we can go back to read them? Rather then that, keep up the hard work as always.