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Red County Roleplay - December 2015 Highlights and Statistics


Dec 4, 2010

[legend=#0080BF Introduction ]whiteThe Red County Roleplay highlights and statistics information update gives you an insight of general events, community statistics, and staff changes throughout the month of December. This is the 12th and final update for this year. All monthly information will be collated for the final highlights update which will be published within the next few days!

Data collection time: 10:30 AM (January 1, 2016)
[legend=#0080BF General Playerbase Information ]white
Average number of players: 31.88
Player count peak: 92[/legend]
[legend=#0066CC Development ]whiteSA-MP Script Development
The development team has maintained its release cycle of server script updates of two weeks. You can view the changelog here.

Head of Development: TommyB
[legend=#006600 Factions ]whiteUnofficial Factions Information

Number of factions (re)formed: 8
(-1)(3 legal faction & 5 illegal factions)
Number of factions disbanded: 0
(-9)(0 legal faction & 0 illegal faction)

Official Factions Information

Faction Additions

Faction Removals (Descriptions)
La Onda

Faction Leaders Roster
San Andreas State PoliceDaniel Evans [Evans]
San Andreas County Fire DepartmentDamon Westwood [Damon_Westwood]
Aperture CorporationWilliam Silver [TommyB]
San Andreas State CourtsJake Daniels [Daniels]

Elite TruckingRyan Radcliffe [ryan]
SAN NetworkEddie Moon [Limuz]
Silver TradingWilliam Silver [TommyB]

Ancelotti FamilySalvatore Salieri [DirtyTruth]
Palomino West CliqueQuinton Malik [Nicholas.]
Reapers of Salvation Motorcycle ClubTony Mostmans [Toneh]

Faction Leadership Changes
• [GOV] Aperture Corporation - Jeremy Zoltan (Zoltan) → William Silver (TommyB)
• [GOV] San Andreas County Fire Department
December 8 - Alexander Warren (Gambo) → Manu Payne (Manu)
December 28 - Manu Payne (Manu) → Damon Westwood (Damon_Westwood)

Head of Factions: Evans
[legend=#00A6FF Administration ]white
Administration Team Count: 12 (=)
0 trial administrators
7 administrators (+3)
2 lead administrators (=)
3 managers (=)

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (0)

Promotions: (3)
• Trial Administrator → Administrator

Departures: (0)

[legend=#00CC00 Helpers ]white
Helper Team Count: 15 (-2)
Helper of the Month: Wright

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (0)

Departures: (2)

Head of Helpers: BigD
[legend=#0066CC Testers ]white
Tester Team Count: 2 (=)

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (0)

Departures: (0)

Head of Testers: TommyB
[legend=#009999 Mappers ]white
Mapping Team Count: 7 (=)

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (0)

Departures: (0)

Head of Mapping: TommyB
[legend=#003366 In-game Statistics Information ]white
December 2015

Number of master accounts: 26,017

Number of character accounts: 16,093

Number of permanently banned accounts: 7,995

Number of permanent bans issued: 46
Hackers: 13
Poor Roleplay: 15 (+10)
Poor English: 5 (+5)

Number of donator accounts: 1,575

Global play time (/ttp of 16,093 accounts combined): 78,614,589 minutes
November-December Comparison
Number of master accounts in November 2015: 25,384
Number of master accounts in December 2015: 26,017
• 633 new master accounts •
Number of character accounts in November 2015: 15,726
Number of character accounts in December 2015: 16,093
• 367 new character accounts •
Number of donator accounts in November 2015: 1,563
Number of donator accounts in December 2015: 1,575
• 12 new donator accounts •
Global play time in November 2015: 77,463,054 minutes
Global play time in December 2015: 78,614,589 minutes
• 1,151,535 of GPT attained •
[legend=#003366 Forum Statistics Information ]white
December 2015

Number of posts: 1,109,096
Number of threads (topics): 84,456
Number of forum accounts registered: 22,654
Number of private messages: 212,102

Number of forum bans issued: void

Technical forum statistics
Number of posts: 1,455,010
Number of threads (topics): 122,719
Number of forum accounts registered: 32,839
November-December Comparison
Number of posts in November 2015: 1,101,617
Number of posts in December 2015: 1,109,096
• 7,479 new posts •
Number of threads in November 2015: 83,749
Number of threads in December 2015: 84,456
• 707 new threads •
Number of forum accounts in November 2015: 22,364
Number of forum accounts in December 2015: 22,654
• 290 new accounts •
What's the difference?
The general statistics hold the number of entries that's currently existing in the database, while the information in the technical statistics are based on the highest increment value on the forum database. It shows how many posts, threads, and accounts were actually made, including deleted posts, threads, and accounts.

Top 15 users with most posts:
(1st) Tom14,539 posts
(2nd) Giga13,459 posts
(3rd) TommyB13,051 posts
(4th) Casablancas12,055 posts
(5th) PuDzeh11,139 posts
(6th) Ink9,030 posts
(7th) Karner8,875 posts
(8th) KevinK8,518 posts
(9th) Lior7,611 posts
(10th) Yass7,586 posts
(11th) Pax7,308 posts
(12th) Robin7,111 posts
(13th) Alec7,002 posts
(14th) Mueller6,998 posts
(15th) Timothy6,831 posts

16th ... Frisker - 6,756 posts
17th ... Doddsy - 6,308 posts
18th ... ThePasst - 6,247 posts
19th ... 2Fabulous - 6,066 posts
20th ... Wright - 5,931 posts
21st ... Delerious - 5,926 posts
[legend=#003366 Miscellaneous Statistics Information ]whiteNumber of ban appeals: 49 (+5)
Number of player complaints: 34 (7)
Number of refund requests: 16 (+8)
Number of bug reports: 30 (+7)
Number of community suggestions: 34 (10)
King of the hammer! (Administrator with most ban hammer strikes):
Administrator Giga (9)