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Announcement Red County Roleplay - 10 Years


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Jan 6, 2018
Echoing Valley Cult
the people in my inner circle are celebrating the death of this community but jesus christ i fucking wasted my time fishing here all day and all night without scripting to earn over 80m dollars for the span of 3 fucking years before chopsy banned me for not snitching. when that happened, the 40+ people in our cult lost interest cuz theres a power gap left by me since a lot of the cult properties are owned by me and one of the leaders who had the most amount of money which led to a lot of people in the cult leaving the server to do their own thing. @tyrantious is amongst the pillar of the old RCRP era and made that cult as what it was back then to gather so many people including old players from like 2013 and more to join in and he manage to gather so many people in the cult to actively play and donate the server.