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Red County Norteños; Northside Valley XIV

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May 26, 2014
Backyard the most fucking dangerous clique from SB
"Nothing short of the certain lifetime incarceration of these individuals in federal prison without any possibility of release or parole is acceptable to me"

Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, on "Nuestra Familia"



Perhaps it was New Years Eve, 1999, when the inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison were gathered around several televisions to watch the dropping of the ball to initiate the new years, was when Andrew Muñoz was introduced by his cell-mate to Joseph "Pinky" Hernandez, which would eventually prompt Muñoz to run various errands for Pinky within the walls of the Pelican Bay State Prison. By February 2000, after the infamous prison riots at Pelican Bay State Prison, would Muñoz take his oath to become part of the Nuestra Familia, due to an increase in recruitment efforts because of the high tensions between gangs inside of the prison subsequently to the immense brawl. With his acceptance into the "wolf pack," he found the rest of his time inside of Pelican Bay State Prison somewhat more comfortable, aside from secreting various narcotics and shanks into his rectum, due to his perfunctory mutual friendship with the other members of Nuestra Familia inside of Pelican Bay, which were many.

In 2004, Muñoz must've been 35 years old when he was released from Pelican Bay State Prison. Prior to being released, Muñoz was prompted by Pinky to arrange a meeting with several of their former inmates who had been released from Pelican Bay, and taken residence in Red County, just north of Los Santos. Pinky entrusted Muñoz to the task of leading recruitment efforts around San Andreas, due to a heavy loss of influence within the area.

By 2006, Muñoz and his small crew were trafficking drugs from Tijuana through an intricate system of tunnels, that ran below the borders of Mexico and California. Half of the drugs were smuggled into prisons, and the rest sold on the streets by his crew and himself. They decided to take up the common label of a Norteño gang, using red bandanas and assorted tattoos to identify themselves.

In 2008, Muñoz and three of his associates were crossing through a tunnel from Tijuana to San Diego with several pounds of methamphetamine, marijuana, & cocaine. They we're to take refuge at a motel inside of San Diego, owned by a former prisoner inside of Pelican Bay, that was coerced into allowing them to stay via extortion. The owner of the motel had tipped off the DEA, and Muñoz along with his associates we're arrested and incarcerated. Muñoz was prosecuted for his third felony, and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Since Muñoz's incarceration, the gangs involvement in illegal activities has died down, as the gang undergoes struggles to reorganize and structure themselves, as well as name a true leader for their gang.​



As large amounts of minorities were being put inside of prisons in the late 1950s, in-mates began to cooperate with each other to overcome the difficulties of prison life. The members of these gangs usually stuck with people of their own race, which can be seen in gangs such as the Aryan Brotherhood, the Mexican Mafia, and the Black Guerrilla Families.

Although differences weren't purely racial. Members of the Mexican Mafia constantly persecuted Mexicans from the northern rural farm areas of California, which sparked the creation of another prison gang, to rival the Mexican Mafia, called Nuestra Familia. As people associated with the gangs were released from jail, they began to form gangs based off of the same structure & morals, and adopting the similar names, Norteño for northerner, and Sureño for southerner.


There's several Norteño gang through out the central valley and bay areas, many of them not associated at all with each other, showing that the overall hierarchy of Norteño gangs has become less organized as the set expanded. Few people that claim themselves to be Norteños have actual ties to Nuestra Familia. The gang has also began to recruit other races, such as African Americans, mainly due to lack of members, and to counteract the heavy tension between Black and Mexican gangs in LA.

There are several rappers that claim themselves to be Norteños, and in their music you can get a feel for the lifestyle and basic morals of a Northern California gang-banger



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