Red County Jobs Guide

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Jobs Guide

There is 3 normal jobs.
1 Legal & 2 Illegal. So dont get caught by cops.

- Mechanic
- Arms Dealer
- Drugs Dealer



You can become mechanic at Dillimore, Pay & Spray.
Go on briefcase and type /getjob.

Now Type "/help job" to see commands for mechanic.

To spray vehicle you must know "Colour ID".
Here is list of colours:


Arms Dealer

You can become arms dealer at Montgomery, Camping Area behind Casino.
Go on briefcase and type /getjob.

First you need some materials, so scrap cars at "Junk Yard" ( Blue Berry )
When you got materials goto "Marvins Hardware" ( Montgomery, near hospital )
There you can make guns, you need money + materials.

Type "/inventory" to see how much you got materials.

Open Junk Yard gate ( type "/gate" ) and drive car on "i" icon & type "/scrapcar"

At Marvins Hardware goto on "i" icon and type "/makegun"

You can create better guns on higher level.


Drugs Dealer

You can become drugs dealer at Blue Berry, Small building South BB.
Go on briefcase and type /getjob.

Here is only guide for cocaine if you want sell moonshine or weed you gotta find them IG
Goto blue berry Apartments area if you want buy some cocaine, there is "durg's packet" icon go on it and
type "/buydrug [Amount]" ( In Grams, Price is $400 per gram )

Here is drugs dealer places.


Selling Gun's / Drug's

Make an private advert. ( /padvert )
eg. Selling kids toy gun / Selling some candy.

Meet whit guy who wants buy gun / drugs.
Buyer: /pay [ID] [Amount] for you.
And, You: "/give [ID] [Weapon] [gun]" or "/give [ID] [cocaine/weed/moonshine]"
eg. "/give 32 weapon 9mm" or "/give 36 cocaine"

Warning! You can get scammed but never happened to me.

Dont forget Roleplay!

Here is map some of those places.



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Jan 6, 2010
Well yeah but people are suppose to find it on their own so loads of people don't deal drugs. It's like that for a reason.

Also, you left out two places to get drugs. Weed and moonshine. Don't add them though.
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