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Red County Fire Department | July 2020 Newsletter


Aug 29, 2014


July was an eventful month!
With the traditional ceremony and firefighter recruitment drive in the beginning of the month, to the 4th of July parties, and wrapped up with the 2nd Red County Fire Department Blood Drive in 2020!
About all of these you can read below - Have a great read!
With June marking the beginning of the summer, and considering the variety of articles we have started June with considering fire safety, particularly in hot days, we have started this month with a article regarding water safety in the summer, a topic which is sometimes neglected. Moreover, we've had a Blood Drive this month, and we have started a new article series - Into the Past, allowing you to delve into the history of the Red County Fire Department, and what led it to be the one we know today.
Make sure to catch up!

Grilling in the Summer
We're in the heat of summer, and that means tens of thousands of barbeque grills being fired up every single day. If you're one of the people planning to follow suit, keep in mind a few tips regarding barbeque safety and how incidents can be prevented before they even begin.

> Firstly, it's a no brainer that all BBQ grills should only be used outdoors.

> Keep any children or pets away from the grill and make sure it's always clean by grease from the trays below the grill and the grill itself.

> If you're using a charcoal grill, keep in mind that it's optimal to use charcoal starter fluid, and no charcoal fluid or any other type of liquids to the fire. After finishing, give the coals time to cool down completely before setting them in a metal container.

> For liquid propane gas grill users, it's important to know that if gas is smelled whilst cooking, they must immediately back away from the grill and call the fire department. Furthermore, the grill should not be moved in such a case.

> And finally, be sure to never keep your grill unattended for any period of time, and have a fire extinguisher by your side for any case!

We wish you a fun, and above all, safe grilling!
Awards & Positional Changes
Employee of the Month

This award is awarded to an employee who has gone above and beyond in the eyes of the Chief Officers and Line Officers to do their best in their day-to-day activities. This award is granted along with a sum of $50,000.

July's Employee of the Month is one of the newest Line Officers in the department, and since she has joined the department up until today, she has shown incredible determination and motivation working for and with the department. Her performance awarded her the Exceptional Probationary Award a few months back, and today, she will have another unique award up her sleeve.

We are pleased to announce this month's Employee of the Month is Lieutenant Lynn Winston, congratulations!

Length Of Service Awards

Three Months Service Bar

Mikayla Reed

Six Months Service Bar

Emery Rodriguez

One Year Service Bar

Raphael Matthews

The promotions for this month are:
  • Alexander Fowler - Probationary Fire Fighter → Fire Fighter I
  • Lydia Brinsley - Probationary Fire Fighter → Fire Fighter I
  • Ethan Connor - Fire Fighter I → Fire Fighter II
  • Henry Goodman - Fire Fighter III → Fire Engineer
Monthly Recap


June 30th: Monthly Ceremony
As with every month, the Red County Fire Department conducted the monthly ceremony, packed with awards and promotions for our Firefighters, Officers & Command Staff. We've had three new Firefighters promoted to full-time Firefighters and Officers & Command Staff promoted from Acting duty to a full-time duty under their ranks.

Along with those promotions, Firefighter Gregory Walker has received the Employee of the Month award for his outstanding performance, along with Probationary Firefighter, now Firefighter II, Ethan Connor, receiving the Exceptional Probationary Award, for his incredible work in the department.

July 4th: 244th Independence Day
The United States is 244 years old!
This July 4th we have marked another great year for the United States, with celebrations throughout the County, and not significant incidents have taken place in that day, unlike past years of fires caused by fireworks and negligence.

Along with the San Andreas State Police, the Red County Fire Department performed a parade, including aerial units (pictured).
We are proud to stand by your side and serve you for another year!

July 15th: Rockshore Fire
At approximately 14:28, the department received a structure fire call at the Rockshore Electronics Shop. Two of Fire Engines, including a Quint Ladder Engine and 2 swift response ALS & BLS Ambulances have responded to the incident, all arriving within a short timeframe.

A primary search was conducted soon thereafter for any occupants in the building and came up negative. The fire was knocked out after a swift and effective defensive and offensive attack from our firefighters, resulting in zero injuries from all parties involved, as well as no damage to surrounding areas or to the responding units themselves.

After a thorough investigation by the RCFD's Fire Prevention Bureau, the cause of the fire was traced to faulty wiring.

July 22nd: Oakridge Shooting
At 14:35, an interdepartmental call from the San Andreas State Police has been received regarding a Mass Casualty Incident in Oakridge Complex in Blueberry. This was the result of a shootout that occurred only minutes before, with the State Police rushing to de-escalate the situation and secure the scene. The responding units were comprised of two BLS ambulances and a single ALS ambulance.

Upon arrival, our EMTs promptly treated the injuries of the victims and were subsequently transported to Crippen Memorial Hospital in Montgomery for extended medical attention. Unfortunately, one of the victims gave in to his injuries had passed away instantaneously and was marked as the only casualty of the incident.

July 26th: Blood Drive
After a successful Blood Drive in last February, the Red County Fire Department has conducted the 2nd Blood Drive for 2020!
As with the last Blood Drive, we have established a post at the Palomino Creek Town Hall. Throughout the two hours of the event taking place, we have managed to hand the Crippen Memorial Hospital in Montgomery 16 units of blood, given generously by our donors.

The Red County Fire Department will hold more Blood Drives - Stay tuned!
Closing StatementAlthough July has been eventful with joyful events, this month has also seen a steep rise in fire incidents throughout the county, with 11 unique fires, 9 of those being within buildings. This is compared to only 5 fires tended to by the RCFD in June. Remember - The Fire Danger Index is High, and every fire, even small, is bound to expand hastily and uncontrollably.
Make sure to notify our dispatchers by calling 9-1-1 - The sooner, the better!

Have a great August, stay safe!

Credits to Public Information & Outreach Team
  • Probationary Public Information Officer (Lieutenant) Rick Davey
  • Director of Public Information & Outreach (Firefighter III) Henry Goodman