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Denied Realistic weather

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It really fuckin lags and i hear like punching.. and i dont hear anything else when it rains


rain lags old comps, the majority of people have old comps, a poll should be taken on removing rain, or just a poll to see how many have comps that are old.


Mar 14, 2010
Stirling, Scotland
All right.

This will be criticism however, constructive.

The weather shouldn't be altered at all (in my opinion) and here's my reasons why.
  1. Sandstorms happen.
  2. Rain happens (Occasionally - However accept it happens)
  3. Fog is realistic (at night especially) due to the fact Sand clogging up the air (not like a sandstorm) will take time to settle causing a slight fog in the area.
  4. Lightning storms/rain (it doesn't happen often yes - But it can create role play)

I'm not saying this has been mentioned in this thread but I really wish people would stop complaining about the weather and asking in /assistance, /o & /n for it to be changed. Weather effects conditions of the game in character, thus people should be role playing whilst adapting to the effects of the weather, for example (If its a sandstorm)
- Driving will be harder (Much more concentrated role play driving & role playing of it been hard to see - should be brought into use)
- Whilst on foot, sand would get into your eyes and in your clothes etc (role playing should again be brought into use to adapt to this)

Basically I don't see why the weather should be changed in anyway, people should just adapt to the conditions and role play accordingly with the weather conditions.

However - I agree with rain being removed; It makes an odd sound & sometimes clears all other sound, as well as generating more un-needed lag.

Not open for further replies.