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Realistic Resistance to Firearms


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Apr 18, 2020
This guide was made mostly to document the types of reactions that still fall under realistic roleplay along with the allowed subsets of realistic resistance to Firearms. (otherwise the RRTF)
Credits to @Killaa for the assistance whilst making this thread.

Types of Reactions

Complete Compliance
This is a very common form of a reaction, based on complete compliance towards the presence of firearms. The act of CC goes from spotting the firearm, and carefully following commands given by the holder of the Firearm. Zero resistance is present during CC, not even verbal resistance. This usually tends to form from a steady head and stem from either being unarmed or in close and stand by areas. Usually, CC's not present during stuff like car robberies or active chases, whether on foot or in automobiles.

Submissive Compliance (SC)
Very, very common but dangerous practice is Submissive Compliance. This is when you're physically compliant but verbally resistant, although this stems in multiple levels that will be explained later. This can be insulting the holder of the Firearm or giving back talk to a lot of points, even refusing to follow commands upon the first ask. This practice is very dangerous, so don't be surprised to receive physical backlash for SC.

Complete Resistance (CR)
A somewhat uncommon practice is the CR. This is when you're entirely resistant to the draw of a Firearm, this does stem in multiple forms from straight-up running to entirely fighting back, mostly the person resisting will be armed but remember to entirely Roleplay the fear of your gun holder. There is a heavy chance that they WILL shoot you, and you should never keep the concept that rules or the gun holder won't shoot you, especially with verbal resistance and physical. It's somewhat rare for an unarmed person(s) to fight back during the draw of a Firearm but still possible. Now, the standard of CR is to obtain cover and only then you may resist, It's considered mostly unrealistic to withdraw your own Firearm whilst having another one trained on you.

Submissive Resistance (SR)
Very common practice but again, dangerous practice. This is when you see and acknowledge the Firearm just before It's an immediate danger to you and flees. This includes driving into an aiming Gunmen to harm them and flee from danger, or just overall evading and resisting from armed users. This of course is a dangerous practice and mostly leads to death, although It is common to avoid said death but is entirely based on the aim of the shooter.

Resistance Stages

With each resistance form, there is a stage for it, starting with completely fighting back, which falls under Complete Resistance which gives the shooter a reason to execute you.

These stages count as Complete Resistance:

1. Attacking the holder of the Firearm.
2. Attempting to hurt the holder of the Firearm in any way shape or form. (elbowing him/her, physically kicking or punching them et cetera)
3. Attempting to purposefully get others to endanger the holder of the Firearm. (shouting for nearby State Police during a robbery or attempting to attract the attention of your partner or friend)
4. Running from the Firearm holder in any way shape or form.
5. Consistent screaming or purposefully attracting unwanted attention to the Firearm holder. (this is mostly aimed towards illegal situations, this includes: calling 911 right after or during an active robbery or just overall being unruly during these situations)

All of these stages will most likely get you killed and is labeled under Complete Resistance. Moving onto Submissive Resistance, the stages are quite self-explanatory.

1. Verbal resistance. (Insulting the Firearm holder and being verbally unruly but not dangerously unruly)
2. Slight physical resistance. (Shoving the Firearm holder, being generally ballsy)
3. Raged verbal resisting (Slight shouting, shoving, possibly running)

Now, this Submissive Resistance most likely won't get you killed but is still very risky.

How to Resist

Now that you understand the different types of resistance, we will show you HOW to resist in ways depending on your character and also abiding by the rules. Resisting isn't just instantly pulling a Firearm the moment someone attempts to rob you, It's realistically and tactically resisting to where you aren't at immediate risk of being shot down (or forum reported). Firstly, let's start with Complete Resistance.

1. Firearm Resistance.
When resisting with a Firearm, the act of safely pulling your own Firearm follows from: Getting cover > withdrawing your own Firearm > Shooting from a safe spot. This is very difficult to achieve but is possible, mostly based on your position and where you are. If you're in an apartment block, right beside your shooter It's almost impossible unless you use the closed walls as a means to get cover. Or when you're nearby a vehicle and can safely back up into it and use the car as cover. This all depends on where, when, and what the situation is but should be entirely dependent on that, you shouldn't go beyond this standard of "GWS". (Getting Cover > Withdrawing your own Firearm > Shooting from a Safe Spot)

2. Physical Resistance.
This is VERY risky and is pretty much suicide to the armed but there has been an instance where someone with a knife has subdued someone with a Firearm on RC:RP. Once again, very situational but in fact possible depending on if the Firearm is trained on you and if you’re in immediate danger. This is entirely based on the direction and the focus of your shooter. If he’s facing the opposite direction talking to somebody whilst you’re directly behind him, It’s not that hard for you to just run up and stab your shooter but is still risky once again. Otherwise I do not suggest physical resistance in any case other than the fore mentioned.

3. Verbal Resistance.
This all depends on your character but verbal resistance is basically just shouting or threatening your shooter, pretty self-explanatory although risky.
Once again, this all depends on your character.

Realistic Reaction to Firearms

Now, everybody reacts differently to Firearms in every situation but in every situation, fear is a general rule of thumb and is always expected. You generally Roleplay the fear of your gun holder as you've RPly got no clue on whether or not they will shoot you if it comes to it. Most cases they will, so entirely Roleplay the fear of your gun holder.

"First of all, having a firearm aimed at you is not something that can be easily neglected. A firearm is a very dangerous weapon and we know that the consequences of being shot/fired at are fatal, which could lead to instant death. It's very important for your character to acknowledge the fact that this is a matter of life and death which stimulates your character to react in certain ways. So, how would your character react when being pointed at by a firearm?

Stay calm It's possibly hard to stay calm during a situation like that, considering the fact that your character is fearing for her/his life being taken away. However, staying calm doesn't mean that you are not allowed to show emotions. Staying calm means that you remind yourself of surviving that situation by being as cooperative as you can because once again you could risk losing your life over some hundred dollars. (realistically speaking).

Follow instructions This brings us to our second point, which is following instructions. One of the dumbest methods that some players deem fit to counter such situations is by unrealistically /me rushes the person, smacking the weapon away, or stuff like that. That would be rarely achievable and in most cases completely rubbish since the person holding a gun at you, can easily make a bullet fly at 1800 mph. So, think once again. Who is faster?

Emotions Most people IRL quickly escalate into an emotional condition, as they are once again afraid of losing their lives. Your character could be one of those people, where your emotions overwhelm you. Roleplay your character being emotional such as beginning to cry, scared, the heart rapidly beating, breathing heavily, and so on.

There are lots of things that can be taken into consideration when your character finds himself/herself in a situation with a gun aimed at him/her. For example; a previous trauma in life that makes your character react in a way that makes your character extra collaborative towards the incident." - Quoted from Killa.

But at the end of the day, a general rule of thumb is realistic resistance and fear. Take advantage of the opportunity you have but most importantly ROLEPLAY said advantage.

Improper Firearm Reactions

Few notes you should never do during an encounter with a Firearm on RC: RP. Firstly, never physically fight a firearm holder, as much as realistic resistance is, you will get forum complained and punished if you go about punching or script wisely fighting firearm holders. This guide is a base for you to realistically RP resistance if you are going to, don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying to go about fighting every interaction and winning every scenario because that's not going to happen and you will get yourself punished at the end of the day. Lastly, I'm merely giving you tips & options for when you have the opportunity to realistically resist firearm use.

Lastly, always keep your Roleplay realistic, this guide totally depends on your character and what he or she would do in these scenarios, so do stay true to your character and remember to realistically Roleplay it.
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