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RCRP - May 2015 Highlights and Statistics + #6YearsOfRCRP


Dec 4, 2010

MAY 2015

[legend=#0080BF Introduction ]white"Tired of the city? Head down to the countryside and experience our way of having fun - Welcome to Red County Roleplay!"

Welcome to the Red County Roleplay highlights and statistics information update for the month of May, year 2015. The following information gives you an insight of general events, as well as community statistics which will serve as a reference for the final information update which will be released at the end of the year.

Statistics information are based on comparison of two monthly datas - April 2015 and May 2015. Numbers are counted manually.
[legend=#0080BF General Community/Playerbase Information]whiteThe server's playerbase gradually improved over the month, reaching a peak count of 91 players during a certain weekend.

We continue to let new players experience what it feels like to be a regular of Red County Roleplay. The quiz remains to have the minimum of 10 questions, no written portion, and instant master account approval. Community administrators (/admins), helpers (/helpers), and even fellow members will always be available to assist you if you have any questions and concerns regarding the server.

In regards to the server advertisement, I am happy to say that it is almost ready to be published. No further information will be given at this point of time.
[legend=#0066CC Development ]whiteSA-MP Script Development
The development team continues to push updates to the server script with the release of Script Version 2.2.2, followed by two revisions. The most notable feature in the release is the ability to set the maximum number of mapping entities that can be streamed to their client.
The following information contains the script changelog of v2.2.2, v2.2.2 R1, and v2.2.2 R2.

Version 2.2.2
• Added a business actor system which will allow business owners to create a certain number of static "NPCs" inside of their businesses. These actors may be placed anywhere inside of a business and can have animations applied to them as well.
• Added two additional slots to radios allowing players to quickly switch frequencies.
• /buyclothes, /placef, /removef, /selectflist and /browseflist now use the model selection menu.
• /rollwindows will now visibly show the windows being rolled up or down.
• SASP faction cars can now be created with an audible siren when they spawn.
• Fixed a bug where /find would return a location if phone was turned off when a player was in an interior.
• Fixed a bug where addresses wouldn't show up when searching a player on the MDC

Version 2.2.2 R1
• Fixed a bug where /rw up/down could be used endlessly.
• Fixed a potential bug where radio frequencies saved to slots wouldn't be cleared when being fired from/leaving a faction.
• Fixed a bug where /addsiren could be used on pushbikes.
• When fired from a faction, a player's radio frequency will only be reset if they're using said faction's restricted frequency. (Note: This will only work when the player is online for the time being)
• Changed the /scba object so prevent crashing issues.

Version 2.2.2 R2
• Added /fightstyle (/fs) which can be used to swap between fight styles players have learned.
• Added /setvisibleobjects which will allow players to change the amount of mapped objects that can be streamed to their client at once. This limit can be set from 350 to 1,000 and is set to 750 by default.
• /useammo will no longer let you add ammo to your weapon if you already have the maximum ammo amount.
• Commands such as /trunk viewguns, /houseviewguns and etc will now show the internal ID of any stored weapon. This will be useful for supplying refund evidence and etc.
• Fixed a bug where the /fish spam timer would not clear when a player disconnected.
• Fixed a bug where you could overwrite an armor vest by purchasing another at an ammunation.
• Fixed a bug where /helpup wouldn't check if a player was near the person they were trying to use the command on.
• Fixed an issue where /useammo still displayed the old ammo amounts.
User Control Panel Development
There has also been some updates to the website content, mostly general bug fixes to the user control panel and administration control panel, as well as additional features for the Web MDC of the SASP.
The following information contains the website changelog of the latest update.

• Added a weapon log to the ACP so admins can view weapon history.
• Added the ability for the SASP to view a house owner through the MDC.
• Added a semi-automated criminal record check system for the MDC.
• Added the weapon license management system.
• Added an alert system so that Management can add alerts to the website.
• You can now remove weapon licenses through the UCP.
• You can view necessary information about weapon licenses such as who they were granted to, the type and date.
• You can view additional information regarding 911 calls such as the user's actual name.
• Added extra information when searching a player such as their licenses and the vehicles they own.
• Fixed an issue where certain ranks were showing as 'N/A' under the operator section of the MDC.
• Fixed an issue where 'Redirected loop' was shown when trying to access the MDC.
• Fixed an issue where a permission error was being thrown when trying to remove a weapon license.
• Fixed an issue where the DD/MM/YYYY format was outputting 1970 for dates that were not Pre 2.0.
• Fixed an issue where phones weren't showing on the index page due to the structural changes.
• Fixed an issue where when a player had four characters they were able to create a fifth.
• Fixed an issue where vehicle information wasn't showing correctly when switching between accounts.
• Fixed an issue where it would say a player was online when they weren't, whilst trying to remove a weapon license.
• Fixed an issue where administrators were unable to punish people through the ACP on some rare occasions.
Development Team
It is with great regret that Lead Developer Peach has departed from the development team. His contributions to the community has been astonishing when he presented his work and improve the server even more.

The release of San Andreas Multiplayer 0.3.7
After three months of public beta testing, the SA-MP Team has finally released San Andreas Multiplayer 0.3.7. Red County Roleplay was one of the servers who participated in the 0.3.7 warm-up when the server was upgraded to its release candidate version during the release of Version 2.2 to take advantage of SA-MP's new features.
- Over 500 new object IDs added, including stunt objects and land objects.
- Interface font size changing.
- Some new variations of the San Andreas cop skins.
- Server control of the car doors and windows.
- The ability to add sirens for unmarked cop cars.
- A simple static actor system to more easily create actor NPCs for shops.
- Many bug fixes and new scripting features.
[legend=#006600 Factions ]whiteUnofficial Factions Information
Number of factions (re)formed: 8 (3 legal & 5 illegal)
Number of factions disbanded: 9 (3 legal & 6 illegal)

Best developed faction: The Dauntless Triads

Most influential faction [forum-wise]: The Soviet Connection
Most influential faction [RP-wise]: La Onda

Official Factions Information

Faction Additions

Faction Removals (Descriptions)

Faction Leaders Roster
San Andreas State Police - Daniel Evans (Evans)
San Andreas County Fire Department - Tim King (McKinley)
Superior Court of San Andreas - John Hower (Donuts)
Aperture Research - Ian Burns (Ian)

Big Mikes Autos - David Shelby (Bobalob)
Elite Trucking - Simon Hill (Simon)
SAN Network - Romero Legend (Romdez)
Silver Trading - William Silver (TommyB)

Ancelotti Family - Salvatore Salieri (DirtyTruth)
Invicto Crew - Marshal Honeywell (Breadd)
Reapers of Salvation Motorcycle Club - Tony Mostmans (Toneh)
Welles Assembly - Dylan McAllister (Karner)

Faction Leadership Changes

[LEGAL] Big Mikes Autos - Romeo Legend (Romdez) David Shelby (Bobalob)
[GOV] San Andreas County Fire Department - Jack Parker (J-R Parker) Tim King (McKinley)
[legend=#00A6FF Administration ]white
Current Administration Team Count: 15
0 trial administrators
8 administrators
4 lead administrators
3 managers

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (3)
Ink - Administrator
Jake~ - Administrator
Karner - Administrator

Promotions: (0)

Departures: (4)
Kay-Kay - Administrator
Henderson - Administrator
Manu - Administrator
Steve - Administrator

[legend=#0066CC Testers]white
Current Tester Team Count: 6

Arrivals: (0)

Reinstatements: (0)

Departures: (0)

[legend=#00CC00 Helpers]white
Current Helper Team Count: 23

Arrivals: (6)

Reinstatements: (4)

Departures: (2)

[legend=#009999 Mappers]white
Current Mapping Team Count: 8

Arrivals: (1)

Reinstatements: (0)

Departures: (0)

[legend=#003366 In-game Statistics Information]whiteNumber of character accounts: 13,476

Number of master accounts: 22,186

Number of permanently banned accounts: 7,678

Number of permanent bans issued this month: 45

Number of donator accounts: 1,507

Global play time (/ttp of 13,476 accounts combined): 72,320,399 minutes

Total number of character accounts in April 2015: 13,037 accounts
Number of new character accounts in May 2015: 439 accounts
TOTAL: 13,476 accounts

Total number of donator accounts in April 2015: 1,495 donator accounts
Number of new donator accounts in May 2015: 12 donator accounts
TOTAL: 1,507 donator accounts

Total global play time in April 2015: 71,572,810 minutes
Global play time attained in May 2015: 747,589 minutes
TOTAL: 72,320,399 minutes
[legend=#003366 Forum Statistics Information]whiteNumber of posts: 1,039,987
Number of threads (topics): 79,278
Number of forum accounts registered: 20,726
Number of private messages: 199,627

Number of forum bans issued this month: 15 bans

Top 15 users with most posts:
1st ..... Tom - 14,355 posts
2nd .... Casablancas - 12,044 posts
3rd ..... TommyB - 11,960 posts
4th ..... Giga - 10,335 posts
5th ..... Ink - 8,585 posts
6th ..... KevinK - 8,476 posts
7th ..... Lior - 7,562 posts
8th ..... Yass - 7,558 posts
9th ..... Karner - 7,193 posts
10th ... Pax - 7,148 posts
11th ... Robin - 7,083 posts
12th ... Alec - 7,005 posts
13th ... Timothy - 6,803 posts
14th ... Frisker - 6,718 posts
15th ... 2Fabulous - 6,065 posts
16th ... Mueller - 6,004 posts
17th ... Doddsy - 5,878 posts
18th ... Delerious - 5,858 posts
19th ... Alvar - 5,829 posts
20th ... ThePasst - 5,826 posts
21st ... Bauer - 5,371 posts
[legend=#003366 Miscellaneous Statistics Information]whiteNumber of ban appeals: 33
Number of player complaints: 43
Number of refund requests: 25
Number of bug reports: 39
[legend=#7B1113Six Years of Red County Roleplay!]tan..and Alec once said, let there be RCRP!

It was May-July 2009 when Red County Roleplay was formed by Alec Rae, along with the rest of the co-founders, namely Ian Burns, Itami Shikura, and Mick Foley.

Going History - How Red County Roleplay was formed:
"I first learned to script by creating a simple Free Roaming gamemode based in Flint County of which it was mainly me and Andrew Reid who would play it. It was the freeroam script where I taught myself the basics of scripting for SA-MP and gave me the skills to begin developing a new roleplay script from scratch in the early months of 2009. I decided to base it in Red County after playing a server called Outernet which was based in Bone County noticing that barely any Roleplay server used countryside as a setting. After the closure of Outernet, Ian Burns, Mick Foley and Itami Shikura (who also played there) came to me with the idea of a Red County Roleplay and asked if I would script it, coincidentally enough I already had started an RC-RP script so I agreed that I would use my script to create Red County Roleplay and it was right about there (June 2009) that Red County Roleplay opened to the public (even though it was hosted on my computer part time!). Players started joining relatively quick (Kude Richardson being the first player ever to join) and we realised that with the growing player count, the script and server had a lot of potential to be brilliant so ofcourse a permanent host would be required and was indeed purchased.

Alot has happened since then, however I consider RC-RP to still be going on strongly (even though there are ups and down at times) and I am extremely grateful for the people who made it happen, those people being all the loyal Players and Admins!"

- Alec Rae, RCRP Founder (2011)

For the past six years, we consider RCRP as a very successful server, despite the breakthroughs it had. I'd like to congratulate everyone for taking part of the community's history - all past and present staff members, donators, and members. Happy Six Years, Red County Roleplay!

(Just in case you're wondering, no one knows the exact date when RCRP was formed and launched. Not even the founders know.)
[legend=#0080BF Conclusion ]whiteAs always, thank you for taking the time to read this month's edition of the highlights and statistics update. This is the fifth update this year and will continue to do so as much as I can, even though it gets annoying for some people. Everything was written from my phone and I didn't have the time to proofread everything, so please let me know if you spot any errors.

The playerbase is expected to rise over the month as the school period ends in America. So if you don't have any outdoor plans, why not connect to the server and have fun with the rest of the community?

I wish you all a great month ahead!

~ Giga
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Dec 4, 2010
Re: RCRP - May 2015 Highlights and Statistics + #6YearsOfRCR

Newman. said:
First and nice
Well done on reading everything in less than a minute.


Aug 17, 2014
Carlisle, England
Re: RCRP - May 2015 Highlights and Statistics + #6YearsOfRCR

development team paragraph almost made me shed a tear
miss lead dev peach (don't miss speaky pulling him out for technical stuff)

fab as ever


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Jul 13, 2014
Re: RCRP - May 2015 Highlights and Statistics + #6YearsOfRCR

How lovely, still should be section 'Most loved person on server' with me defiantly winning it


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Aug 22, 2012
Re: RCRP - May 2015 Highlights and Statistics + #6YearsOfRCR

Great read as usual.


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Dec 20, 2013
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Re: RCRP - May 2015 Highlights and Statistics + #6YearsOfRCR

Happy sixth anniversary, glad I could be here to see it and partake in it.


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Nov 20, 2013
Re: RCRP - May 2015 Highlights and Statistics + #6YearsOfRCR

happy birthday rcrp!!