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Quiting RCRP


Why did you delete my post with all my reasons?
Didn't like my screenshots of repetitive admin abuse or my reasons?


I wish to pay my respect to Bishop, Josh Bauer, Yass, Lex Waqqa, Tara, ALEC RAE, Cruzito, Jerome Mulroy, The Bolsheviks, Matt Morierti, Brucie Kibbutz, Frank Petrov, Tyson, Decoy, Itami Shikura, Ian Burns, Rachel Hayes, Kude Richardson, Donnie Mariano, Akira Bu, Hopkins, Alex Mclovin, Brian Callahan, Donald Duck, Skypo, Matthey Downing. If I "Missed" you, you are probably not respected by me.

Reasons I Quit:
-Major non RP: http://www.redcountyroleplay.darkbb.com/general-ooc-chat-f7/car-rapist-lol-t3187.htm

-98% of people do NOT know how to use /do

-I, sadly, have a life to attend to.

-Found a more fun game!


- Admins hack in RP situations and let other hack. Some cops still remember when we were chasing Little and Jenkins in their Sultans and they "REPAIRED" their cars with hacks. They were typing the sentences with /me. How do I know that you say? Well, the period at the end of the sentences were missing, which was a major fail. Period, being the dot: " . ".

-I get kicked for NON-RP driving when I'm in a cop chase...

- Everyone tells me to post complaints, but when I do, with unbeatable proof, nothing is done about it (Falenone + Dan Freeman/Smith). If I was Falenone, I think I could go to the U.S., kick Ian in the balls and only get a slap on the wrist.

-People always wanting my money because I don't spend it. (FUCKING annoying)

Best regards,
Michael Corner