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Public Information Release | Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Aug 29, 2014

INFORMATION RELEASE - Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Cancer, as we know it, is usually affiliated with difficult diseases, sometimes somewhat rare, or require a “deliberate” action beforehand, such as smoking and Lung Cancer.
While it is mostly true, and cancer is by far the most difficult of diseases, it can be more common than we think, with one of the more common cancers out there - is Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer is a type of cancer that is rather gender-specific with the wide-wide majority of those sick, are women.
But do not be mistaken, Breast Cancer among men is also possible, but is very rare, compared to the women.

In October of every year, we and organizations & charities around the world take part in the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every October, money is gathered for the cause of researching and developing treatment methods for Breast Cancer, volunteers spread around cities to teach the population about this cancer, and many other unrelated organizations and companies, show their fellowship and unity with the cause.

But why is Breast Cancer so different from other types of Cancers?
Why should there be a month dedicated to this cause?

Those are great & valid questions.
Breast Cancer has four main factors, which together, create a rather unique formula, compared to other types of cancers, and thus - Awareness can lead to a significant result.
Those are the factors:

  1. Early Treatment - The earlier you test yourself and the earlier being treated, the chances of hasty recovery, with fewer consequences, is higher than most cancers.
  2. Widespread - Breast Cancer is among the most widespread cancers around the world, sitting second, just behind Lung Cancer. Unlike Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer is mostly in the population of Women, therefore endangering a specific society, and increases the chances of cancer with that society, while Lung Cancer can affect both men and women equally.
  3. Still Deadly - As all cancers are, without a prolonged treatment, the cancer can be fatal.
  4. Hidden - Many cancers come with significant symptoms, Breast Cancer is mostly hidden, and would show only hardly-noticed symptoms at first, evolving into a more dangerous cancer overtime.

It is possible to discover Breast Cancer on your own, but it can be easily overlooked.
The Montgomery Crippen Memorial Hospital is conducting dozens of Breast Cancer tests every week - With the test being extremely easy and quick, involving only an X-Ray Screening.
Thus, we recommend you to be checked in the hospital closest to you!

The Department painted units Chief-1, Rescue-1, Medic-1 & Engine-1 in the traditional Pink-White for Breast Cancer Awareness

The Red County Fire Department will have information booths around the county through the month and join us online with

Stay tuned and stay safe!

Written by:
Henry Goodman
Director of Public Information & Outreach

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