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(PSA ?) Roleplaying -realistically-.


Oct 14, 2017
I think a lot of it is the hypocrisy. When you're the guy with ten guns pointed out you, you're a supporter of the RP-how-you-want argument. When you're one of the ten guys, you want him to RP to lose. In other words, you support whatever argument seems to best fit your needs in a particular situation. Well, stop.

Where do I stand? Personally, I'm one of those "hardcore" (although I don't see anything that's too hardcore about it) RPers that says you should RP realistically. Somehow the word "realism" has become very taboo on here for reasons I'll never understand. I don't see why 100% of the server doesn't feel the same way, because after all, did you not all come here to play on an "RP" server? Personally, I don't think giving your character a 50-inch penis and the ability to lift a truck is okay because it's how you want to write your character. Why don't I RP my character as an unkillable rapist? It's FUN, and it's what I (notice the emphasis on "I" there) want to do with my character.

Well, here's the problem with all of you who say "RP however you want." Role-play involves participation from everyone. You want to know how to stop the OOC complaints and the non-RP? I can tell you what causes it: the selfishness and disregard people have for other characters. If you want to be a serial killer, that involves other characters dying. But the players behind those other characters don't want their character to die. They want their character to live to the age of 80 and gain a massive fortune. But you want your character to kill someone. But they don't want their character to die... and so on. Same thing with my rapist example. I want my character to rape people and to never get arrested/die. But nobody wants to get raped, and the cops want to arrest me...

Do you see what the problem is here? Divergent agendas. We want things for our character that cannot be reconciled with what other people want for their character. We can't all be mass murderers that don't die; because in order for that to happen, someone needs to be on the receiving end of getting killed. This is why people should be held accountable to RP with sensibility and realism. To me, realism is a guiding principle that keeps our IC actions in check and stops people from receding to self-interested solipsism. I'm getting sick of this "RP to have fun" shit because all it leads to is a focus on your character and only your character. If you don't think RPing realistically is "fun", then RPG/DM servers are a better fit for you. RP is more than just typing in a bunch of /me commands and having persistent stats. Just because you use 20 /me commands when you're RPing that you're Superman doesn't make it legitimate RP. RP is also about realism.


And that's not to say realism means more /me commands or even less "action" like shootouts or fights. It just means that the ways in which these occur, and the reasons for them, are a lot more sensible, and less likely to cause OOC frustration.

Now I understand this is a video game, and obviously, your character can still be brave. If I'm torturing you with a nail gun, a curb stomp, vicious beatings, and having your testicles shocked with jumper cables, you should tell me what I want to know. Likewise, don't spit in the face of a mafia boss because that's your character. Everyone has their limits, and most people have a very low limit. If people don't roleplay realistically, we end up with a clash of titans: two people want to win, but only one can. The result of this? OOC complaining, report threads, grudges, DM -- all things that I don't like to experience when I come on this server.

The best RP happens when people play their characters realistically and sensibly. I don't know where this myth that always RPing to win and never to lose is somehow fun and RPing realistically is somehow unfun. Yes, RP requires you to have at least a five second attention span, but for those who are patient, mature, and not selfish in every situation, it is thoroughly rewarding. Not only is it less frustrating, but the RP that arises is fun for all of the groups involved.

"One person's freedom ends where another person's freedom begins."

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Apr 30, 2017
Hello Sinnex,

I find your guide misinforming,

Thanks for your effort though,

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May 22, 2016
I believe this is already in the rules but people don't really acknowledge it. I believe that it's good that you made this post so people can think for at least five seconds.
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Aug 11, 2013
Most of it is basically common sense which is something a lot of players lack of as some of them are using the excuse "we are here to have fun".