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Jul 26, 2018
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Prison Items Request
Prison Items Requests

The Prison Items Request system is being implemented to reward those that actively get involved in prison-related roleplay as well as to hopefully breathe some life into Green Palms Correctional Facility. Similar to the Strawman Scheme, players will be able to apply for permission to access certain items in prison. Faction Management will handle and review applications for these permissions, much like the strawman scheme applicants will require a thread detailing their roleplay/development to prove their character has an appropriate backstory and has developed the correct means to possess/distribute these items within GPCF.

Once a candidate is accepted into the scheme, they are free to sell the provided items as they wish, as long as they stick to the scheme regulations. Much like the strawman scheme, only the best and well-thought-out applications and applicants will be accepted.

This system is currently under trial and therefore is subject to change, additions/removals may happen at any time.


  • Must be level 3 or higher on the character that you're applying on.
  • Must be incarcerated on the character you're applying on.
  • Must have no recent punishments on your admin record.
  • Must provide a showcase of your characters existing development, and provide consistent illegal roleplay.


  • May receive one knife per week (RPly a shank, can be RPed as whatever you wish.)
  • May receive 10 grams of heroin and marijuana per week.
  • May request needles and rolling papers.
  • May request cell phones. (This will be handled on a person-to-person basis).
  • Must not stockpile any of the items gained through the item requests.
  • Must not sell/distribute these items outside of prison.
  • Must not move any of these items to your alt characters.


Before applying, please ensure that you meet all of the criteria. You may apply for the scheme by clicking [HERE]


After receiving these privileges, you can then submit an /assistance request in-game to have the desired items refunded. Each request will be logged to track these items.


A person's privileges can be revoked without prior notice for any reason Faction Management deem fit, including (but not limited to):
  • The violation of any of the above-mentioned guidelines.
  • The misuse of the weapons.
  • Failure to follow the rules/guidlines currently in place for GPCF. [GPCF RULES]
  • A lack of valid roleplay reasoning for possessing the items(i.e. stockpiling for personal benefit)
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