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Power is the greatest fear


Are you told that you are weak? Are you told that you don't have power? Do you sometimes feel like you can't make a change in your lifetime? I once did. I started searching for motivational clips and...I found this. To me, it means a lot. Maybe it can do the same for you.


Kind of to "Emo", but still cool. What movie is that? (Brad Pitt boxing).


I really don't know. I can't figure it out. I know it's not fight club...


The movie is Snatch, you jackasses. How the hell do you not know footage from one of the greatest films ever made?

I doubt you'd recognize Darth Vader fighting Obi-Wan.


you must be insanely retarded to not realize what movie that is


Well, I'm sorry that I don't have the time to view old movies that were made 10 years ago.