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Pizza Delivery (Side Job)

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Dec 4, 2010

Pizza Delivery
Development OverviewFeature Name: Pizza Delivery (Side Job)
Script Author: TommyB
Feature Version: Version 2.3.5 (Initial) / Version 2.3.7 (Revamped)

A quick way to earn money on the server is to complete side jobs. Since the return of the Montgomery Pizza Stack, the development team has been planning to overhaul the pizza delivery side job. After weeks of planning, the pizza delivery sidejob has been modified so that have players will have to deliver pizza at houses.

Please be reminded that side job vehicles should not be used for personal affairs.

Core Features
The pizza delivery side job requires you to drive the Red Blista Compact parked on the right side parking of the Montgomery Pizza Stack. When you start the side job, you will be assigned to delivery pizzas to up to ten random houses in Montgomery, Blueberry, Palomino Creek, or Fort Carson.

You can use '/deliveryhomes' to see the list of houses that are assigned for you to deliver. The exact location of the assigned houses are marked with the pizza icon on the minimap.

When you arrive outside of the house, you will need to step out of the vehicle and use '/getpizza' near the vehicle to retrieve a box of pizza. When you start carrying the pizza, you will need to deliver them to the house pickup on foot. After a successful delivery, you will receive a tip ranging from $0 to $200.

You will need to deliver the box of pizza to all locations before you can return to the Montgomery Pizza Stack for the payment and completion of the side job.

Related Commands
  • /deliver - This command starts the pizza delivery side job. You must be inside the side job vehicle (Blista Compact) to start the side job.
  • /deliveryhomes - This command shows the list of houses assigned where you will have to deliver the pizzas.
  • /getpizza - This command allows you to get a box of pizza from the vehicle. You must be outside the vehicle to use this command. This command is also used to remove the pizza box on your person.
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