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Mar 14, 2010
Stirling, Scotland
Still think there's nothing being done about the crime wave hitting Red County? Try saying that to these guys

Equal or Lesser Force


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Feb 10, 2010
((TyroneMathers where you get the first pic car mod, what site?))

This short report was sent too the papers by
Josh Clarke

Our police in the public eye. Treated fairly or Unfairly?

Our police force is doing all it can too stem and or stop the crime within RC and BC so lets get off there backs, they are putting there life on the line for us and are doing a very good job, supporting each other, using the equipment we pay for too the best of its abilities, bring drug lords, murders and weapon dealers down too a hard punishment in the courts, so i propose this! If you want them too do the best they can stay off their backs and let 'em do their job like we pay them too, they are fine officers of the law doing as we ask, no matter the bu**sh*t we give them!

Let me quote this!: Equal or lesser force!

they are showing us what it takes too be a officer of the law! many people do not have the courage or outstanding attitude it takes, think about it this way, would you be able too stay calm pulling over a pr*ck like yourself?...I can tell you i wouldn't want too pull myself over!

And finally i believe we treat them UNFAIRLY for their effort keeping us safe!

Thank you for reading
Josh Clarke