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Petition to get Dan_Smith's Admin back


Retired Admin
Jan 6, 2010
Wisconsin, USA
Me and other guys think that Dan getting his adminship removed was snot the right choice. This petition is to hopefully get his adminship back. He is a good admin, just people file complaints because hes doing his job. Just write your name at the bottom and say I agree. Example "Jet Chan, I agree". Feel free to disagree just DO NOT start flaming. Only Agree or Disagree! Thank You.


I Agree. When a baby is born, It is not born knowing. One must first learn to crawl, Before one can walk or run. Thus I need training to surpass this rocky road.

I'm Dan Smith, And I'm bored.

James Little

Seeing as how this was his first time being an admin and yes he may have screwed up, but so did I. Personally I think he did an OK job, with work he can be better. Whereas Josh getting the last word in to get Dan to lose his admin, was not cool at all.

I support Dan Smith as Moderator 1.

I'm James Little and I support this advertisement.


Jan 11, 2010
Lee Chan, I agree.

Note: Every admin may seem a little "unstable" at first, but like a caterpillar, it must grow into a butterfly which is it's greater state. Everyone deserves a chance and good time.

- I'm Lee Chan, and I'm Asian.


Brian Callahan, I agree.

Dan is a great admin, the only reason people have been complaining about him is that he is always on and does not let people get away with stuff. He actually does his job, regardless of if he is friends with someone OOC'ly or any other personal bias'. An example of this is when he told me and officer Chris Jacobs firmly to stop using the megaphone to say "oink oink" and to change our police cruiser color from Pink to the proper RCSD colors, Green and White. Not only does he do his job, but he is active and constantly interacts with the server community and gives people a reason to come back. Today he hosted 2 or 3 RP events, during day time when a lot of people are on, most events are usually hosted at night when not many people are on. Also, when you contact him with a problem, he will intervene where it is appropriate and where admin assistance is truly needed. Over all he has been a good admin. Even if the accusations about him are true, I think he should be given a second chance, and I think that Alec should have come into team speak asked for the opinions of all of the admins and players on team speak, instead of just removing admin ship based on the word of only two people.


Bring Dan back!


I highly disagree. All of us got enough proof rounded up for Alec to say on the spot "He'll get his admin removed."


Feb 10, 2010
I'm quite new to this server but even the few hours i've played on it, i've already heard all sorts about Dan. I understand it's hard starting out as an admin been one myself but from what i've seen it doesn't seem like he's putting the effort into it. A good admin doesn't kick all the time, He tries to teach the player of the wrong doing and not abusing them. Even 2 minutes ago he tried to kill me because i had tiny health then some other random with super speed (wtf?) runs by and kills me. Now i ain't in much of a postion to say anything but i'd just like to point out that if you spent more time discussing with players about it and actully listening to them and not insulting left, right and center. Hackers insult all you want. Normal players who actuly want to roleplay but do something wrong, talk to them not scream, " OMG NOOB KICK, I IZ ADMIN, FEAR ME! " and then you'll get more respect and then less people will shout at you if you step out of line one time.

oh yeah and hai im paddeh