Payday Checks / How To Enter Townhalls / Townhalls.

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Jan 12, 2011
IG Faction
Payday Checks:
You'll get every hour, one signcheck at the townhalls. You have to wait atleast 30 minutes, till you get yours payday. Heres a list:
30-60 Minutes = 1 XP
61-90 Minutes = 2 XP
91+ Minutes = 3 XP

Every hour like 08:00, 09:00, 10:00 etc.

How to Enter Townhalls:
The " Falling bug " at Townhalls, are halfly fixed, sometimes you just start falling down and down, and sometimes it works perfectly, heres an example what you should do, if the bug happens:
When you write /Enter Do it quickly twice, before you enter it, example: /Enter then press again button " T ", and Arrow UP , it will automatically send you the last message, what you've writed. If it doesn't work, and you just start falling down, then write quickly /Afk, so you wont die. After the AFK, do /assistance, and write a reason where you do need an admin, this could be a good example when you do a /assistance: " Falling bug at Townhall in PC, please teleport me to PC, if possible. " ( PC Is just a place wheres a townhall, so its an example )

All the Townhalls are at:
Palomino Creek, in Red County.
Fort Carson, in Bone County.
And Angel Pine, in Flint County.

The best way to get at the townhalls is that you call a Taxi /call 444 or just drive there by yourself, also " Lifting " is possible, Just remember to keep up the RP.
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