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Jul 17, 2014
Bulgaria , Sunny Beach
WAZAA...Fuck this I'am back for a few days or who knows maybe for more.For those who don't know who am I or who still remember me I'am Vincent Rizzi , Vincent Conway , Frank Duval ... I just saw that there are still some of the old guys I remember ,and I hope that we'll see each other in game today if i have more time . I Finnaly graduated school (idk how it happened :D ) . My life took another turn so ..Actually , I hate saying things like that but i miss the stupid game and the people I met here :)
Let me remind to those who can't remember who am I - I was Rank 7 and founder of The Italian Connection , Rank 6 (Captain) In Waqqa Crime Syndicate 1 & 2 (There i met awesome people and roleplayers like Mikhail Izmailov , Cookie , Wolfgang Fuchs ( A Player made of German Steel and discipline ) and the stupid Vlad Andrei .
P.S in 2 hours if i pass the RP Quiz i will log in xaxa :) I