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O Line Bounty Hunter Bloods (OLBHB)

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O Line Bounty Hunter Bloods (OLBH) is a predominantly African-American street gang which falls under the Bounty Hunter Watts Bloods as a subset — one of only a few to be sanctioned outside of the gang's founding location in Watts, Los Angeles. Based in Blueberry, San Andreas, OLBH is the latest in a long successive line of street gangs to claim the Oakridge neighborhood since the 1990s. Through unprecedented violence, it has been able to assert itself as Blueberry's most dominant street gang, in control of its largest gang territory.

Like its forerunners, OLBH is considered the byproduct of a deep-seeded socioeconomic problem in Blueberry. As a neighborhood-oriented street gang, it was founded on the principles of protection and offering its members a way out of hardship. Many of its members regard it as a surrogate family and an integral part of their lives. Its size makes it an overbearing presence within the neighborhood with an influence over its daily affairs. Most households are said to have ties to it, with some going back generations. The gang relentlessly pursues its ideals of power, protection and respect through whatever means necessary, including crime. Since its inception, the gang has become one of the most criminally-active street gangs in Red County, involved in a range of criminal activities, including drug trafficking, robbery, extortion, murder, burglary, identification theft, car theft and kidnapping. The gang has built up a fearsome reputation through violence, having embroiled itself in vicious gang wars with its various rivals. Despite this, many locals don't hold a negative view of the gang, considering it a necessity which doesn't always contribute negatively. Many of its older generation champion the gang's more traditional values, such as love and unity for the neighborhood, however many argue the gang's younger generation have become increasingly out of touch with this, instead focusing on money. In affirmation with this belief, the gang has become increasingly involved with the illegal drug trade, with some members forging entire organizations dedicated to drug trafficking.

Within the gang is a vaguely-defined hierarchical structure which ranks members based on their respect. Respect is earned through "putting in work" — actions which further the gang's ideals, from introducing new members to murdering rivals. At the bottom of the hierarchy are the Baby Gangsters (BGs); peripheral members which have not yet earned the privilege of full membership. Above them sit the Baby Young Gangsters (BYGs); the first of many core member ranks. High above them, sitting at the very top of the hierarchy are the Original Gangsters (OGs); revered leaders who have served the gang for the longest. Every member begins their journey into membership from a young age and at the very bottom. They're regulated by older members who educate them on the gang's rigid protocols and procedures. They're indoctrinated in the gang's beliefs and expected to dedicate their lives to them. Discipline is strictly maintained through violence and serious violations can result in executions. Members are initiated into the set through a "beat-in", a ceremony which tests their heart and resolve in the face of violence. Once earned, membership is considered "for life" and only ends through death. Drop-outs aren't common but when they occur, the repercussions are often violent.

With over a quarter of Blueberry lying within its territory, OLBH is one of Red County's largest street gangs. It is also one of its largest in terms of its membership which is proportionate to the size of the Oakridge Public Housing Projects, the state's largest government housing complex outside of Los Santos. The gang is known to feud all neighboring street gangs, primarily those within the Rumbley Block Housing Projects, a neighborhood which has been the birth place of both Latino and African-American street gangs. The gang's bloodiest feud was with Varrio Blueberry 13, a now-defunct Latino street gang. The feud lasted several years and resulted in deaths on both sides. A limited court injunction was brought upon members and associates of OLBH as a result of the violence in 2018 but to little avail. The gang has also been known to feud criminal groups in the Oakhill Trailer Park.


Whilst O Line Bounty Hunter Bloods is relatively young, it is considered the successor to numerous street gangs which have occupied the Oakridge Public Housing Projects since the 1990s. The earliest known group to claim the neighborhood was The Sentinels which was founded in 1992 by Marvin Sims a/k/a “Big Marv”. The group was founded to oppose neighboring street gangs, as well as alleged police misconduct, but remained relatively low-profile and only resorted to violence in order to defend itself. That was to change, however, when the group fell into the leadership of Keenon McKenzie a/k/a “Rock” and Lebron Hill a/k/a “Ice” in early 2000.
Both of these individuals were named after their involvement in the crack cocaine epidemic which was sweeping many parts of San Andreas, including Blueberry. The group consequently adopted a criminal-orientation and began shaping into something more reminiscent of a street gang. By 2008, the group had rebranded itself the Oakridge Project Gangsters (OPG). Both McKenzie and Hill were removed from power by 2017; Hill to a police-involved homicide and McKenzie to incarceration on drug charges. Their successor, Kendrick Simmons a/k/a Shotty, assumed leadership following a brief power struggle with his younger brother Ishaq Simmons a/k/a Shank. He lead the street gang alongside his second-in-command Roscoe Miller a/k/a Skoe and his affiliates Amber Davenport a/k/a Whip and Dakota White a/k/a Kota. Despite their best efforts, however, the gang fell into decline by 2018 and OPG was considered essentially defunct shortly thereafter.

In 2019, Simmons’ relative and Five Line Bounty Hunter Watts Bloods affiliate Kyrie Phillips a/k/a Klips began making frequent visits to Blueberry. The Los Angeles native eventually agreed to sanction the creation of the O Line Bounty Hunter Bloods (OLBH), a subset of the Bounty Hunter Watts Bloods, which was to be led by Simmons.

Oakridge Public Housing Projects

In the late 1980s, the Oakridge Public Housing Projects had very modest beginnings with only one residential block consisting of 12 apartment units. However, the increasingly desperate housing crisis in Blueberry resulted in the construction of a second block by the mid-1990s, as well as an adjoining trailer park. The trailer park was only intended to be temporary but eventually became a permanent fixture leaving residents in less-than-satisfactory living conditions.
The housing projects were expanded further in late 2019, adding a third residential block, as well as five new businesses. There are now forty apartment units in total, housing over 160 tenants, making the Oakridge Public Housing Projects the largest of its kind in San Andreas outside of Los Santos.

The Oakridge neighborhood has long been marred by socio-economic problems, the root of which lies in the wide-scale closure of Blueberry’s many factories and warehouses in the 1980s which left many residents unemployed and living under the poverty line. Crack cocaine only worsened the situation when it arrived in the late 1980s. The neighborhood became a hotbed for street gangs and one arrived in the 1990s by the name of The Sentinels. This group was relatively low profile until 2008 when it rebranded itself the Oakridge Project Gangsters (OPG) and become more criminally-active. The crime rate skyrocketed, leaving in its wake broken families, divided communities and rife drug addiction. The Oakridge Community Center was established to help alleviate these problems. In addition to its gang problem, the neighborhood is known to have a strong anti-police sentiment, said to be the result of alleged police misconduct over the years.

Bounty Hunter Watts Bloods

O Line Bounty Hunter Bloods is a subset of the Bounty Hunter Watts Bloods which is one of the largest Blood sets in Los Angeles, California. It was originally founded in 1969 as the Green Jackets before becoming well-established in 1972 as the Bounty Hunter Watts Bloods. It lays claim to the Nickerson Gardens public housing projects in Watts and has an infamous rivalry with the Grape Street Watts Crips. The set is divided into subsets, sometimes referred to as "Lines". Examples of these are Ace Line, so named because it is based on 101st Street and Deuse Line, so named because it is based on 102nd Street. The gang is also known to feud West Side Piru.
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O.L.B.H. aims to accurately portray a subset of the Bounty Hunter Watts Bloods. We emphasise realism, immersion, character development and partake in passive roleplay in order to realistically portray the lives of characters based in an improverished gang territory and neighbourhood, Oakridge Public Housing Projects.

Should you have an interest in joining the faction, you may approach us IC'ly with a character that is no older than 17 and ideally from Oakridge/Blueberry. At the current time, in order to maintain realistic demographics, characters who are to remain in the faction must be African-American although this may change in the future.

All players involved within the faction are required to register on our private forum which contains useful guides to help you get started, as well as announcements and key updates. We also have a Discord server, however invites will only be sent as we see fit.

We ask that anyone interested in roleplaying with us maintains our strong standards of roleplay and request that all faction members create a backstory that they may follow throughout their time in the faction. All faction members are subject to accepting CK permissions.

All screenshots/media posted on this topic are subject to approval on our private Discord.

Any feedback, questions or concerns can be directed to High Council (@Menace, @Beth, @GlorifiedPig) or an Assistant (@Lewbap) via private message.
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