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New Server Wiki & Some News [OLD]

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Jan 6, 2010
The website has recently been upgraded with a Wiki. The Wiki will be there to assist new players and even current players for when they need help about an element in the game. Sadly this Wiki just wont work without some work! I am asking everyone to help by registering there so you can create, edit, fix and administrate pages. If everyone helps it will grow into a vast knowledge base full of great information. I have started some pages already but there is loads more to be done.


Please note
  • No spamming.
  • No creating useless, irrelavant pages (common sense please).
  • English only. If your grammar is poor, dont worry as other members are sure to correct it.
  • Not following any rules/instructions will result in a Wiki ban and a server ban.
Thanks, Have fun!

In Other News
An other area of the website that you should expect soon is the User Control Panel.
This allows you to link your in-game account to an E-Mail so you can easily manage your account from the website instead of in-game.

In Other Other News
We are now under rank 90 on GameMonitor for all SAMP servers.
Click Here For GameMonitor.
I would think thats a good achievement! Thanks to everyone.
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