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[NETHAQ] How to roleplay using the IRC (abusing the radio)


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Feb 2, 2016

Good evening!
As some of you might have noticed, I have opened up a new illegal faction based around computers, stereotypical hacking and social hacktivism, not unlike the popular Watch_Dogs series. This guide is mainly aimed for faction members and those who want to join, so bear that in mind.

Now, I have chosen IRC (Internet Relay Chat) as the main medium of communication for this faction.
This will only be a short guide on how to actually roleplay with us, because we use the radio to emulate such a chat.

Firstly, in general, an IRC is a server you can connect to using either a designated program of your choice or a browser. It's very much a chatroom in which you can join different channels (kind of like group chats), but for the sake of simplicity, I have a single-channel IRC set up only - #general. (Channels are always a '#' followed by the name of the channel in lowercase.)

Actual roleplay

Now, to keep it realistic and prevent powergaming, you'll only be able to access the IRC when you are ICly able to do so, either via a phone or computer that's connected to the internet.

That means, please keep your radio turned off /roff if you are not on your phone or computer ICly.

If you join the IRC, the first thing you will do is /lr [IRC] Zakey entered #channelname, with Zakey being replaced by your username (not your forum username, but your ICly chosen username) and #channelname by the channel you want to join (in my case, #general.). We use /lr as it has a very low range as in real life, nobody would hear what you type.

Now, to write something, you will need to use /lr [IRC] Zakey: message, with Zakey being replaced by your username and the message with, well, your message.

If you log out of the IRC ICly, use /lr [IRC] Zakey left the server. That will tell others you left the server and aren't reachable anymore. Please turn your radio off after you left the server so you won't be able to read any more messages.

Thanks for reading this small guide guys, I hope this will clean up some shit as some people are constantly trolling in our IRC radio frequency.