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Sep 16, 2016
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1318 Peckerwood (M.R Peckerwoods / Moyers Road Peckerwoods) are a white gang located in Moyers Road, Palomino Creek, they are currently under the influence of a prison and neo-nazi organization known as the Nazi Lowriders. It was first started when a large group of friends known around the neighborhood as racist started. At first they were purely based on hate and were in no look to commit crime as a monetary source though with time they shaped into what a modern peckerwood looks like today. They adopt much of the Chicano and Californian culture into their gang, this includes but is not limited to lowriders, skateboarding, surfing, slang and the signature flannel shirt. After the subsequent death of its first Shotcaller, Thomas "Miles" Miller, a new shot caller was organized by the formerly mentioned group known as NLR. The group saw many changes in its hierarchy during its time with the death of key members such as Justin "Riot" Millman, Kenneth "Hands" Monk and the disappearance of one of the founding members known as Carter "Woods" Woods. After a prolonged period of time where the new leader Spencer "Rusty" Lyons led the group, he was arrested and currently resides in Red County, County Jail (RCCJ). The group is currently reforming and is in disarray.


The Nazi Low Riders (or NLR, or The Ride) is a prison gang which originated in the San Andreas Youth Authority during the 1970s. It was started by white juvenile inmates who dressed like cholos. Membership was white, but there were also some Hispanic members. The gang spread to state prisons soon after. The NLR had an uneventful existence in the beginning and it wasn't until the early 90s that they became a factor in the criminal underworld. The Aryan Brotherhood (AB) were the dominant white gang, but by the early 90s, they were classified as a prison gang, and their members were segregated in secure housing units (SHU), where they were confined in their cells for twenty-three hours a day. This limited their operations, so the AB reached out to the NLR, making an alliance in which the NLR would act as footsoldiers on the general population yards. Hierarchy in the gang is composed of three tiers — kids, juniors, and seniors. Seniors are usually the leading members. They decide what happens in different locations and who gets recruited into the gang. To become a senior, a member had to have been part of the gang for a minimum of five years, and at least three other senior members had to vouch for him. Juniors are fully-fledged members who don't have any leading responsibilities but can sponsor new members. Kids are new members or probationary members. They would usually be mentored by a higher-ranked member. Sometimes members would be recruited from smaller white gangs.

Various acts like murders and assaults would be carried out in prison in order for the NLR to establish their dominance among white inmates. Hardcore members would join by earning their three letters one at a time by committing violent acts. Membership in the gang rapidly grew during the 90s. The NLR began mass-recruiting fast, which meant the quality of new members went down. Many were "loved in", meaning that they didn't need to commit any violent acts to join the gang. FBI estimates that during their peak, the NLR had approximately 1,000 members and associates in the state of San Andreas. Although the origins of the gang trace back to prison, the NLR are also active on the streets through members being released. A lot of the members are drug addicts and were responsible for the term "Needle Nazi" coming into prominence. The choice of drug for Lowriders is methamphetamine. This makes them unpredictable for law enforcement to deal with, leading to many dangerous incidents with police officers. The NLR were responsible for murders, assaults, robberies, drug sales, firearm sales, burglary, and car theft. Even though the majority of crime being committed is done for monetary profit, there were instances where members were responsible for hate crimes.

During the late 90s, a movement called Fuck The Brand (FTB) rose to prominence. Some members of the NLR didn't want to do any dirty work for the AB and act as their footsoldiers, instead seeing themselves as their own entity, and equals. This reached a tipping point in 1998 when an NLR member killed an AB member over a money dispute. The AB answered by sending out kites, ordering NLR members to attack anyone connected to the FTB, promising membership into the AB for those who carry out their mission. This led to many NLR members turning on each other. Eight deaths were attributed to this conflict. In 1999, the SA Department of Corrections designated the NLR as a Security Threat Group I (STG-I), putting them in the same category with other notorious prison gangs. This led to their members being transferred to solitary confinement in the SHU. This dealt a huge blow to the gang and severely limited their operations. Many members were assaulted or killed. Others couldn't handle solitary confinement, choosing to debrief and drop out of the gang, in order to be moved to a sensitive needs yard (SNY) where they wouldn't be confined to their cell. Some members were recruited into the AB. By the next two decades, NLR membership severely decreased. The change in the NLR's status meant they could no longer control prisons. This led to the AB reaching out to Public Enemy Number 1 (PENI), a skinhead gang, who became the new footsoldiers for the AB. The NLR were stuck in a limbo for two decades. Then in 2015, a court decision ruled that inmates can't be placed in solitary confinement for gang affiliation alone. This meant that members of all the major prison gangs would be released back to general population yards. This meant that the NLR could once again handle their operations directly and recruit members with no repercussions.

White Creek Nazi Lowriders are known to operate on the East side of Palomino Creek, holding the East side population's majority white and protecting it from any dangers, usually selling their protection for a number.

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