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Montgomery Drive-By Gunman Kills Black Male


Oct 27, 2018
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Montgomery Drive-By Gunman Kills Black Male

By Henry Sparks Editor: Henry Sparks
Published 7th March 2019

Car-ramming and firearm attacks have been a fixture of a swell of deadly violence in Red County over the past few months. The Red County Fire Department also reported an abnormal increase in arson cases, most of which are still under investigation.

This morning, at around 10:00 a.m., a Montgomery resident was gunned down in a drive-by attack that took place next to the Pizza Stacks, across the street from Silver Trading. The African-American biker was having a conversation with a female deputy that pulled him over for not wearing a helmet. A light blue Rancher made a U-turn next to them, and the passenger opened fire using a submachine gun, spraying bullets at the duo, fleeing the area shortly after. The deputy took cover behind her cruiser and returned fire, damaging the rear side of the SUV. Bystanders gathered around the gruesome crime scene and there was panic until the emergency services have arrived.

The male was shot multiple times in the head, the particularly deep wounds causing his death minutes after the violent incident. The deputy was extremely lucky, her life being saved by the bulletproof vest she wore.

The San Andreas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating to determine how and why the fatal shooting occurred, and who was the target.

UPDATE: According to further information received from police sources, the suspects' car was spotted in Palomino Creek, and it is assumed that the two individuals are part of a local gang. An investigation is ongoing, and we are awaiting an official statement from the authorities to be published in the upcoming hours.

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Liquid Hound

Sep 16, 2016
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White Rusty
Black guy dies, he's on the news, and why is that crib on the news? The owner of that house is dead can't y'all fools let him rest in peace.