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Mila Keegan - SANews Network Application


Aug 15, 2012
Dungarvan, Ireland

Application Submission

Section 1 - Personal Information
This section contains personal information about the application submitter. Please fill in everything required by the Management Team. All information here is stored privately and only accessed by the management team or higher when necessary.

Full Name: Mila Keegan
Birthdate: 13 February, 1991
Gender: Female

Contact Number: 8999162
Residential Address: 3 Tumbleweed Way

Criminal Record: CR Request
Please request a criminal record by going to this website: LINK

Identification Card (ID):
Type /license in-game and upload the screenshot to a image-sharing site like Imgur.

CV/Cover Letter (NOT REQUIRED):
After completing my journalist degree in the UK, I came over to America to look after my grandmother, of whom unfortunately passed earlier this month. As a result, I'm keen to begin establishing my career in journalism, along with sowing my roots around Red County now I have an increased amount of freetime; I couldn't think of anywhere more positive to begin than the local news station!
Presenting a CV/Cover Letter is encouraged but it's not required. Failing to provide one will NOT disqualify you for a position within the SANews Network.

Section 2 - Questionnaire & Role Selection
Gathering of answers to the questionnaire takes place for the Management Team to get a grasp on the type of person the applicant is, and whether they are fit for the job.

Do you have previous experience within this field?: No - unfortunately I have few reliable references from my previous works, as most of which were small, ADHOC articles. From a broadcasting perspective, I was in control of my universities local radio. We had approximately 200 listeners each day and most topics discussed were usually related to on-going university events, announcements, etc.

Why do you want to join the SANews Network?: I enjoy facts and sourcing out misinformation spread and the SANews Network offers the flexibility to learn and adapt to a wide-range of stories within it's local area, most of which aren't just shoots and petty thefts (which is what appears Los Santos is riddled with). Along with that, I have heard positive things from members of the public thusfar, and although I've unfortunately not had a chance to listen to the SANews Network's broadcasts, I'm keen to get involved and be apart of the team.

Please provide a sample broadcast (if chose Broadcaster) OR sample article (if chose Journalist) of no more than 150 words about ANY topic: I would be keen on establishing both roles to an extent, however, please see an article below as an example;

SANews Network
The Lonely Man

Mister Shane Stains, a man of simple taste, yet each day is a challenge to survive.
Shane started life pretty unsuccessfully, with parental abuse and a series of questionable choices, Shane finds himself constantly battling a very troublesome mindset. We're all aware of him, seeing him sitting outside of Montgomery General Store on an almost religious basis, do you even stop to think, 'what is this man really going through?'

Within the past twelve months, Shane had engaged in quite the drama with both the police and local drug dealers claiming he's 'nuthin' but trouble!'

Over the next six weeks, we'll be exploring Shane's lifestyle and understanding the basic challenges he undergo's day-to-day. Perhaps with a bit of work, we can all show Shane the right path for him to become the man he truly can be.

Section 3 - Out of Character
Gathering of out-of-character information takes place for the Management Team to get a feel for the applicant from an out-of-character stand point, but also to run a few more checks in terms of their potential for the job.

Age: 24
Country & Timezone: UK - GMT+1

Master Account Name: Nate
Forum Name: Pandovix

Admin Record: It's pretty long, but all from many years ago, here's the most recent from 2014 & many of them were just messing around tbf.
Please take a screenshot of this page LINK and upload it to a image sharing website like Imgur.

Character Level: 16
Other Characters:
  • 38, 6 & 5.

Section 4 - Finalizing

Additional Information: N/A.


Date: 24 September, 2020


Faction Consultant
Sep 17, 2018
haha fuck you
((The applications currently are on hold until all the new changes are set forth for the new faction. Thank you for showing your interest for SANN. However, you application will not be considered until everything has fallen into place accordingly. I'll reach out to you once everything is up and running.))​