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Michael Corner's life


I was born in 1973, at 18h30 in All Saints hospital in Los Santos. Son of John Corner and Katie Corner, I have been raised in the turf controlled by the Vatos. The Vatos were even more savage and crazy than they are these days. They have once, in the past, killed a man for staring their boss! Yes, only for staring! Me and my parents have always stood away from those crazy nut jobs. As the days passed, my hate for those wretched fiends grew bigger as I saw them commit atrocities such as rape, assassination and many more things that could make the bravest of all turn away and make a run for it. They are truly animals and deserve justice.

On the night of the 31th October 1986, it was Halloween. My friends thought it would be funny to trick or treat even though I was 13. I immediately accepted the invitation since I'm always loyal and devoted to my friends! We met over near the Colina near Jefferson Motel Room. There, I was completely mesmerized as I saw in front of me, the costumes of my companions. They were dressed as Vatos gang members. I told them they were nuts to dress like that in front of their turf! They laughed at my nose.
so we continued our round around the blocks. At one house, a genuine vatos member opened the door. My knees we're shaking because of the things I saw them do. I turned my head and saw the fear in my friends' eyes.

The Vatos: Eh, ese', how come I have never seen you around?

Jack: Oh no, erhm... It's just, we are not really into vatos you know, it's just, a costume.

Dave: Yeah, we were only dressing ourselves as gang members for Halloween...

Vatos started shouting some incomprehensible words in Spanish and looked at Jack and Dave straight in the eyes.

Vatos: You think this is funny huevo?
You think you can just dress like us and walk around the town like nothing is going to happen?

Michael: Please, I swear, this is all just a mistake, we'll go away and will never wear your colors ever again, I swear!

Vatos: Ha, let├óÔé¼Ôäós teach your friends here a little lesson 'ese.

The vatos called some of his friends; they grabbed us, tied us and put us in his car. We drove for about 15 minutes around the blocks near a pool-like park near the railroad. We stopped, the untied my friend Dave and Jack and threw them out of the car. I wondered why they released them and why not me. As I observed the scene, some Ballas gang members we├óÔé¼Ôäóre talking in a corner. The vato pulled down the window and killed one of them with a desert eagle he hid under his jacket.

After seeing what has happened, the ballas turned around and yelled: ├óÔé¼┼ôOh shit, the vatos are doing a drive-by, we need reinforcements!├óÔé¼┬Ø. The vato suddenly pressed on the accelerator and we went out leaving my friends behind. As I looked into the rear mirror, I saw my friends get shot repeatedly by the Ballas. Tears were running down my cheeks. There was no word to describe this sort of savagery and cruelty.

Vato: Hey look ├óÔé¼╦£ese, they mistook them for REAL vatos!

Other Vato accompanying us: Ha ha, serves those putas right ├óÔé¼╦£ese!

Vato: Ye, what a bunch of morons, Hahahahaha!

They turned to me and looked at me.

Vato: Well you ├óÔé¼╦£ese, you didn├óÔé¼Ôäót do anything. So we├óÔé¼Ôäóre letting you go.

Other Vato: But if you dare disrespect us again, we will find where you live and burn your damn house down with your family, comprende?

I said yes with a quick and sharp movement of my head. I couldn├óÔé¼Ôäót speak. The vatos threw me out in front of the Jefferson motel and drove away.

I knew the cops weren├óÔé¼Ôäót going to help; even they are not crazy enough to take on the Vatos. I have seen the cruel destiny of the weak, so I have decided to train myself to become stronger so I could survive the harsh environment of San Andreas. I convinced my dad to take me to the shooting range and I practiced Boxing and Muay Thai. My life of a high school student was radically changed; I went from a smiling, nice cooperative student to a shady, silent guy. I finished top of my class in Muay Thai heavy weight and I won the regional championship of the Gun Powder Association.

I finished college top of my class in Gym, History, Science and Math. The career orientation lady told me I would be perfect for pretty much any job and a lot of jobs would be open for me, but all I wanted is to be a law enforcement agent. Although, I wasn├óÔé¼Ôäót crazy, I wanted to have a more peaceful life, so I moved to Red County.

Now, here I am, Captain of the RCSD.