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Martin Ridgway | Application


Apr 8, 2020

Application Submission

Section 1 - Personal Information
This section contains personal information about the application submitter. Please fill in everything required by the Management Team. All information here is stored privately and only accessed by the management team or higher when necessary.

Full Name: Martin Ridgway
Birthdate: 9/6/2000
Gender: Male

Contact Number: 5818201
Residential Address: 2 Hilltop Residence

Criminal Record: https://forum.redcountyrp.com/threads/martin-ridgway-criminal-record-request.195354/#post-2388380
Please request a criminal record by going to this website: LINK

Identification Card (ID):

Type /license in-game and upload the screenshot to a image-sharing site like Imgur.

CV/Cover Letter (NOT REQUIRED):

Presenting a CV/Cover Letter is encouraged but it's not required. Failing to provide one will NOT disqualify you for a position within the SANews Network.

Section 2 - Questionnaire & Role Selection
Gathering of answers to the questionnaire takes place for the Management Team to get a grasp on the type of person the applicant is, and whether they are fit for the job.

Do you have previous experience within this field?: No - N/A

Why do you want to join the SANews Network?: So, let's start more specifically, I would like to join SANN because I've always been fascinated by the work of a journalist, whenever I have a given topic to write or discuss, I experience it very much and when it is combined with work, the thing you work with and enjoy in it, it immediately feels like an excellent choice and my life is immediately more positive and much more lively. During my college studies, I wrote a lot, also presented it with foresight as a thing I did for a long time so that I could move my studies further to the meaning of life. Let's go back to the job of a journalist, because I've discussed a few times with certain people working at SANN, I know what this job is about, and I don't think it would be bad to try it too, hopefully stay at it. So, therefore, I am now sitting in my house, writing this application, which will hopefully be mediated as successful.

Please provide a sample broadcast (if chose Broadcaster) OR sample article (if chose Journalist) of no more than 150 words about ANY topic:
- Journalist
** Car accident in Montgomery, Red County **
On August 13, we witnessed the aftermath of the car accident at the western part of Montgomery that happened on the same day, August 13 at 2 AM, involving namely red Elegy and white Sultan, which crashed when leaving a bend from the intersection, fortunately all live, with minor injuries, Officer Tom Brooks will tell us more: "This accident took place as the irresponsibility of both drivers, according to the video from certain CCTV cameras, the Elegy vehicle neglected the use of turn signals and the Sultan did not have the lights on, so the accident was caused by both parties. Our units are now investigating the situation further, that's all from me so far." Subsequently, rescue services arrived at the scene, which immediately transported the patients to the hospital, where they were diagnosed with only minor injuries. Now let's hope that both witnesses of the accident recover soon and will be more careful on the road next time, that will be all from us for now.

Section 3 - Out of Character
Gathering of out-of-character information takes place for the Management Team to get a feel for the applicant from an out-of-character stand point, but also to run a few more checks in terms of their potential for the job.

Age: 15
Country & Timezone: Czech Republic, GMT+2

Master Account Name: MartinTheMemeGod
Forum Name: MartinB

Admin Record: https://imgur.com/a/Ng7GPZx
Please take a screenshot of this page LINK and upload it to a image sharing website like Imgur.

Character Level: 7
Other Characters:
  • Andy Davis
  • Christopher Blodgett

Section 4 - Finalizing

Additional Information:

Date: 15/8/2020


Aug 21, 2010

Application Response

SANews Network News Station
Montgomery, Red County
San Andreas

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your expressing your interest in applying for a career within SANews Network. We are pleased to announce that your application has been accepted. We are now inviting you to a formal interview at our news station in Montgomery.

In order to schedule your interview with an appropriate member of our team, please dial 726 and state that you are an applicant wishing to get in touch with someone from the High Command Team. We look forward to meeting you and have the opportunity to further assess your suitability for a career with SANews Network.


Eddie Moon