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Sonny Black


I was born in Chicago the hometown of Al Capone,althought after Capone the citiy was not very popular amongst the bigger Cosa Nostra organizations but then one of Capones old friends Tony Accardo took over Chicago and changed it forever,his nickname was Joe Batters which Capone gave him as he saw how Tony was handeling a baseball bat.

I was 17 when i started working in a Bistro on the West Side of Chicago i didn't gave a fuck about school,the owner Mario Fabrini was working for Tony for a long time he was respected amongst Accardos men,i was waiter at the Bistro and sometimes the Mobster gave me they cars to park them behind the Bistro,after few months i earned more then my father,he knew about Mario's affiliations with the Mafia but he didn't care to much while i am earning money

I didn't go to school i was just hanging around the Bistro the whole day till it closes then i would go home and sleep wake up and go to the Bistro,after a month or two my father got a letter from the school and he got really pissed he almost beaten me to death.Mario wasn't happy about this so he sent some man to teach this bastar a lession,when i turned 18 i met Marios son Marco and our new mentor Carmine Santoro,first we did the smalltime jobs like capturing trucks with razor blades or cigarettes and than Carmine bough a nightclub where he stored the stolen jewlery,fur jackets,watches and some very expensive suits and the profit was fucking unbelivable for a young one like me i felt like a Millionaire

1972 Tony Accardo died and the dark times began,Carmine and Marco started to push drugs which i didn't liked they got trouble with some local street gangs and than they started to burn down Tony's old front's,while the Caporegime of Accardo fight each other to take over Chicago the thugs burning the West Side down,it was hard to spread our roots while this chaos Nicky came up with the idea to move to Miami to outrun the fighting Mob and to make it easier to sell Cocaine

1980 We followed Nicky he was the higher authority but i wans't happy about his dealings with the Columbians,the Columbians don't look for respect or loaylity all they care about is money,they risk that they fuck us up was high,the first few year where easy no problems we couldn't handle we grew bigger more pushers on the streets and more customers from the high society even some Politicians

1984 After 4 years of control the Bosses of New York came down to Miami and saw that the city is a great oportunitie for them,we had troubles with few of them the Coumbians aided us for 5 months till the others offered them more,to prevent another big scale war we promissed them that we going to leave the city and they promissed us that they don't gonna attack us.The same month we settled down in Los Santos and got in contact with the Milano brother Peter and Carmen Milano which where at the top in that time,they showed us resepct and so did we

1992 The same year we came to Los Santos the Milano brothers where put in prison for 7 years we promissed them to run their operations while they are in jail,but Carmine and Marco got to greedy and wanted to take over Peter's empire so i was ordered for a "Moe Green Special" (Shoot betwen the eyes) it was not hard for me to kill them cause they changed since we met the first time and all that is just business nothing personal

Peter and Carmen where released from prison and wanted to start again but not in Los Santos they wanted to make the big money in Las Venturas they opened the books and gave me the control of their old turf but i had to support them with weapons.Getting weapons was not really easy cause of the upcoming gang violence.The fastest way to get a big ammount of weapons was to steal it from the Dock's but we needed to take it trought rival gang territory to pay of the guards was easy but take the shipment accros Los Santos without puting gang attention on us was the problem,so i ordered the shipment to the Airport and take it with the plane which was really expensive ,my boys would fly the plane to Verdant Meadows and Milano's boys would take it to Las Venturas with the trucks,but gun smuggling was not the only way to earn money extortion and rocketeering,pornography and gambling

But as everything the glorious days where over as the gangs spread more towards the East part of Los Santos,we tried to stay out of fighting but this was a big scale riot even the police couldn't hold them off,and we where outnumbered,most of my men where killed on the street's so i had to leave the City and decided to move to the Counties

1.Never dissrespect the Don or any member of the Family
2.Never speak with others about the Family business
3.Don't speak to the police without a lawyer
4.Outsider don't know nothing about the Family business and it should stay so
5.Never attack someone without speaking to the Don first
6.Respect our friends and Allies

Application via forum won't be accepted find me ingame and RP with me

The Don-The is like a Father of the family he takes care of the Family\'s further business and the connections

Consiglieri-He is the official lawyer of the Family and takes care that our member stay out of jail and togather with the Don he takes care of the diplomacy (Not a direct linked part of the Mafia and it\'s not needed to be Italian)

Underboss-The Underboss takes care of the coordination of the
Caporegime he is like a general,he recives the tasks from the Don and gives them to the Caporegime (crew) of his coice

Capo-Capo controls a group of maximum 3 Soldiers and coordinates them in wars and gives them tasks

Soldier-Soldiers follow the Capos orders and do the muscle work,veteran Soldiers can train Associates and show them how the things work when they become a Made Man (Non Italians can't get Soldier/Capo/Underboss)

Associates-Associates are the street workers,Associate is the perfext rank to gain more connections,cause they are on the streets selling guns and drugs to the local thugs and it\'s the next step to become Made Man

Outsider-Outsider Is a trial rank they mostly help out the Associates

Montgomery Casino-Main front (HQ) for meeting with Allies and Friends

Las Barrancas Barber Shop-Secondary front for smaller meetings


The Omerta is a code of silence practiced by the Mafia; a refusal to give evidence to the police about criminal activities
every member who is close to becoming a made man needs to swear that he will follow the rules and dedicate his life to the Family every member who crushes the code of silence will be eliminated on the traditional way with a message so the other don't going repeat his mistakes
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